Authentic Ancient Celtic & Saxon Coins

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CC53 Anglo-Saxon Sceatta

CC52 Anglo-Saxon Aethelred II, CRVX Penny

CC50 Anglo-Saxon, Aethelred II

CC49 Anglo-Saxon, Aethelred II

CC48 Anglo-Saxon, Eanred Bronze Styca

CC46 Belgium Leuci AE Potin

CC43 Gaul Senones Potin

CC42 Gaul Leuci Potin

CC41 Gaul Leuci Potin

CC40 Gaul Leuci Potin

CC39 Gaul Leuci Potin

CC37 Gaul Senones Potin Unit

CC36 Gaul Senones Potin Unit

CC35 Gaul Aedui Diasvlos Horse Quinarius

CC33 Gaul, Senones, Veliocases

CC31 Celtic, Durotriges, Cranborne Chase Stater

CC23 Celtic Silver South Ferriby Plain Unit

CC21 Danubian Celts, Drachm

CC18 Celtic Horse Silver Half Unit

CC17 Celtic Horse Silver Obol

CC16 Celtic Horse Silver Obol

CC13 Celtic Unit Gaul, Remi

CC11 Corieltauvi Silver Unit