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GA372 Cypriot Bronze Arrowhead

A377 Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

BA265 Iberian Bronze Arrowhead

A376 Persian Bronze Arrowhead

GA370 Mycenaean Greek Bronze Arrowhead

A375 Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

GA368 Cypriot Bronze Arrowhead

A374 Achaemenid Persian Bronze Arrowhead

A373 Persian Bronze Arrowhead

BA264 European Bronze Arrowhead

A371 Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

A370 Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

A368 Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

GA366 Graeco-Scythian Bronze Arrowhead

PA164 Fijian Islands War Club

GA362 Greek Bronze Arrowhead

GA360 Greek Bronze Arrowhead

ME284 Crossbow Bolt Head

A352 Luristan Handled Dagger

RM519 Roman Iron Arrowhead

GA353 Mycenaean Greek Bronze Arrowhead

A347 Luristan Bronze Tanged Arrowhead

SA329 Viking Socketted Spearhead

SA328 Viking Socketted Spearhead

ME276 Medieval Knife

ME266 Iron Trilobe Arrowhead

A302 Luristan Bronze Butt Spiked Axe Head

AA226 Ancient Chinese Warring States Period Sword

GA313 Greco-Scythian Bronze Dagger

GA292 Greco-Scythian Iron Axe-head

ME230 Medieval Axe-head

GA254 Greco-Scythian Axe-head

GA253 Greco-Scythian Large Axe-head

GA252 Greco-Scythian Axe-head

ME222 Medieval Flail Head

ME218 Medieval Billhook

A251 Phonecian Bronze Age Flat Axe

A240 Socketted Bronze Axehead

A240 Socketed Bronze Axehead

PC191 Large Chavin Mace Head

A143 Luristan Bronze Short Sword

ME140 Medieval Iron Knife Blade