Danish Stone Age Artefacts 
Authentic Stone Age Artefacts from Europe

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DSA41 Polished Danish Neolithic Hand-axe

DSA40 Neolithic Danish Flint Axehead

DSA39 Late Neolithic Danish Crescent-Shaped Flint Sickle

DSA36 Neolithic Danish Lightly Polished Flint Axehead

ST223 Early Neolithic: Erteblle Culture Blade

ST222 Early Neolithic: Erteblle Culture Spoke-shave /Blade

ST158 Neolithic Flake Axe c. 3,400 to 2,800 BC

ST142 Neolithic Burin c. 5,400 to 3,900 BC

ST134 Neolithic Burin c. 5,400 to 3,900 BC