Near Eastern Antiquities 

Authentic Antiquities from North Africa & The Near East.

Authentic Near Eastern Antiquities.

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A446 Anatolian Black-Ware Pottery Jug

A445 Indus Valley Ceramic Bowl

A444 Syro-Hittite Female Statuette

A443 Indus Valley Ceramic Bowl

A441 Ancient Persian Decorated Bowl

A440 Ancient Persian Decorated Bowl

A439 Ancient Persian Decorated Pot

A438 Ancient Persian Decorated Pot

A437 Ancient Persian Decorated Pot

A435 Ancient Persian Decorated Vase

A434 Ancient Persian Decorated Bowl

A433 Ancient Persian Decorated Bowl

A432 Luristan Bronze Axe-Head

A431 Ancient Indus Valley Fertility Figurine

A430 Ancient Persian Bronze Spearhead

A428 Ancient Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

A426 Ancient Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

A424 Ancient Persian Decorated Bowl

A423 Ancient Persian Decorated Pot

A422 Ancient Persian Decorated Pot

A421 Ancient Persian Decorated Pot

A420 Ancient Persian Decorated Pot

A418 Ancient Persian Decorated Vase

A417 Ancient Persian Decorated Bowl

A416 Ancient Persian Decorated Bowl

A414 Ancient Persian Dress Pins

GA297 Scythian Socketted Arrowhead

A413 Ancient Persian Bracelet

A412 Bronze Age Holy Land Storage Vessel

A411 Syro-Hittie Terracotta Ox Cart and Figures

A407 Syro-Hittie Terracotta Fertility Figure

A406 Syro-Hittie Terracotta Fertility Figure

A404 Neo-Hittite Clay Model Votive Figure

A402 Luristan Axe Head with a Solid Bronze Bull

A401 Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

A399 Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

A397 Ancient Bactrian Roundel

A395 Luristan Kohl Pot

A392 Mesopotamian Socketted Axehead

A1272 Indus Valley Ceramic Vase

A391 Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

A389 Indus Valley Mehrgarh Painted Bowl

A388 Parthian Terracotta Dish

A387 Parthian Terracotta Jar

A386 Parthian Terracotta Jar

A385 Parthian Terracotta Jar

A382 Neo-Hittite Clay Model Votive Figure

A382 Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

A378 Indus Valley Terracotta Figure

A377 Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

A376 Persian Bronze Arrowhead

A373 Persian Bronze Arrowhead

A371 Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

A368 Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

A366 Persian Silver Earrings

A365 Persian Painted Storage Jar

A364 Luristan Spouted Vase

A363 Luristan Spouted Vessel

A361 Luristan Decorated Bronze Bowl

A356 Mesopotamian Mother Goddess Figure

A353 Sasanian Rock Crystal Warrior Seal

A2394 Seljuk Pottery Oil Lamp

A2393 Seljuk Pottery Oil Lamp

A2391 Seljuk Pottery Oil Lamp

A2390 Seljuk Pottery Oil Lamp

A2388 Seljuk Pottery Oil Lamp

A2386 Seljuk Pottery Oil Lamp

A2385 Seljuk Pottery Oil Lamp

A336 Achaemenid Bronze Bowl

A318 Ancient Luristan Bronze Bracelet

A314 Bronze Age Holy Land Dipper Cup

A311 Parthian Figure Plaque

A309 Parthian Animal Plaque

A307 Parthian Bone Plaque

A303 Parthian Bull Plaque

A302 Luristan Bronze Butt Spiked Axe Head

A300 Holy Land Oil Lamp

A299 Holy Land Oil Lamp

A298 Holy Land Oil Lamp

A297 Holy Land Oil Lamp

A2327 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessels

A2323 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessels

A2322 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessel

A2321 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessels

A2318 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessel

A2317 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessel

A268 Syro-Hittite Ceramic Priest’s Torso

A267a Syro-Hittite Ceramic Heads

A265a Syro-Hittite Astartes Fragment

A261 Syro-Hittite Astartes Fragment

A260a Syro-Hittite Astartes Fragments

A275 Cuneiform Tablet

A259 Bronze Age Holy Land Jar

A2290 Sassanian Glass Vessel

A2289 Sassanian Glass Vessel

A256 Sumerian Pottery Vessel

A240 Socketed Bronze Axehead

A235 Ancient Persian Dress Pin Terminal

A214 Iron Age Jordanian Lipped Jar

A203 Bronze Age Ceramic Oil Lamp

A190 Early Bronze Age Holy Land Jar

A188 Parthian Glazed Vessel

A193 Indus Valley Large Ceramic Storage Jar

A175 Bronze Age Ceramic Globular Pot

A168 Bronze Skillet Handle c.1st Millennium B.C.

A165 Bronze Ornamental Double Pin c.1st Millennium B.C.

A143 Luristan Bronze Short Sword