European Stone Age Artefacts 
Authentic Stone Age Artefacts from Europe

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ST535 Neolithic Flint Spear Point

ST534 Neolithic Flint Spear Point

ST530 Vinca Pottery Idol Figure

ST529 Neolithic Flint Spearhead

ST527 Neolithic Flint Tool Group

ST526 Neolithic Flint Tool Group

ST524 Neolithic Flint Knife Group

ST528 Early Neolithic Linear Pottery Shards

ST507 Neolithic Tool Group

ST491 Neolithic Vinca Votive Pottery Offerings

ST489 Dolmen Culture Scraper/Borer

ST471 Neolithic Flint Point

ST470 Neolithic Flint Blade

ST243 Neolithic End Scraper

ST237 Large Neolithic Scraper