European Stone Age Artefacts 
Authentic Stone Age Artefacts from Europe

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ST524 Neolithic Flint Knife Group

ST522 Dolmen Culture Chisel

ST516 Dolmen Culture Crescent-Shaped Knife

ST514 French Neolithic Polished Axe-head

ST513 Mesolithic Flint Nucleus

ST507 Neolithic Tool Group

ST491 Neolithic Vinca Votive Pottery Offerings

ST489 Dolmen Culture Scraper/Borer

ST471 Neolithic Flint Point

ST470 Neolithic Flint Blade

ST461 Upper Paleolithic Rabot Core, France

ST460 Neolithic Double Side and Endscraper

ST243 Neolithic End Scraper

ST237 Large Neolithic Scraper