Authentic Ancient Greek Coins

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GA237 Ancient Greek, Cilia

GA236 Macedonia, Philip II

GA235 Pisidia, Selge, Herakles Bronze

GA235 Pisidia, Selge, Herakles Bronze

GA234 Seleucid, Antiochus IX

GA233 Tiberius, Laodicea

GA232 Aegeae Cilicia Civic Issue

GA231 Termessos Major, Large Bronze

GA230 Termessos Major, Apollo Bronze

GA226 Istrus, Eagle and Dolphin Obol

GA224 Greek, Thrace, Cherrsonesos

GA223 Greek, Thrace, Cherrsonesos

GA222 Greek, Thrace, Cherrsonesos

GA221 Termessos Major, Pisidia, Zeus Bronze

GA220 Ionia, Miletos, 1/48th Stater

GA219 Amisos Gorgoneion Bronze

GA218 Amisos Gorgoneion Bronze

GA217 Amisos Gorgoneion Bronze

GA216 Kingdom of Elymais

GA215 Silver Drachma of Illyria/Dyrrhachium

GA214 Silver Drachma of Illyria/Dyrrhachium

GA212 Lycia - Boar Tetrobol

GA210 Thrace - Maroneia - Vine Bronze

GA209 Syracuse, Sicily, under Hieron II

GA208 Syracuse, Sicily, Hieron II

GA207 Seleukids, Antiochos VIII Epiphanes

GA206 Syracuse, Hieron II

GA205 Syracuse, Hiketas

GA204 Syracuse, Agathokles

GA203 Sicily, Akragas, Zeus Bronze 300-287 BC.

GA202 Italy, Anonymous Issue

GA200 Italy, Arpi Apulia

GA198 Greek, Italy, Metapontion

GA197 Greek, Lucania, Metapontion

GA196 Greek, Pergamum

GA195 Greek, Seleucis

GA194 Greek, Ionia

GA192 Greek, Thessaly

GA191 Greek, Cilicia

GA190 Greek, Phoenicia, Tyre

GA189 Greek, Pisidia, Termessos

GA187 Greek, Ionia

GA186 Greek – Thrace, Lysimachos

GA185 Greek – Macedonia, Philip II

GA182 Greek – Alexandria - Ptolemy III

GA183 Greek – Macedonia, Philip II

GA182 Greek – Seleukeia and Calycadnum

GA181 Greek – Phrygia - Apameia

GA180 Greek – Thessaly - Thessalian League

GA179 Greek – Thrace – Mesembria (Colony)

GA178 Greek – Thrace – Cherrsonesos

GA177 Greek – Syracuse - Zeus Bronze

GA176 Greek – Syracuse – Agathokleos

GA175 Greek – Bruttium – Rhegion

GA174 Greek – Parthia

GA173 Greek – Parthia

GA171 Greek - Bruttium, The Bretti, AE

GA170 Greek - Euboia Drachm