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MS123 British Yellow Fluorite on Quartz Crystal

MS122 Erzgebirge Mineral Specimen

MS121 Hemimorphite Crystals

MS112 British Cassiterite Mineral Specimen

MS107 British Cassiterite Mineral Specimen

MS113 Sphalerite, Galena and Quartz Mineral Specimen

MS102 British Olivenite Mineral Specimen

MS110 British Quartz and Chalcedony Mineral Specimen

MS103 Quartz, Marcasite and Pyrite Mineral Specimen

MS104 British Mica 'Trelavourite' Mineral Specimen

MS116 British Fluorite Mineral Specimens

MS119 British Lithium Biotite Mineral Specimen

MS111 British Calcite Specimens

MS108 British Quartz Specimens