Byzantine Antiquities 
Authentic Byzantine Antiquities.

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BY338 Byzantine Decorated Cross Pendant

BY338 Byzantine Cross Pendant

BY337 Byzantine Decorated Cross Pendant

BY336 Byzantine Decorated Cross Pendant

BY335 Byzantine Cross Pendant

BY334 Byzantine Decorated Cross Pendant

BY332 Byzantine Decorated Cross Pendant

BY330 Byzantine Reliquary Cross Pendant

BY328 Byzantine Glazed Ceramic Oil Lamp

BY326 Byzantine Silver Ring

BY325 Byzantine Silver Ring

BY324 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

BY323 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

BY322 Byzantine Glass Cross

BY321 Byzantine Strap End

BY320 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

BY319 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

BY318 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

BY316 Byzantine Glass Cross

BY310 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

BY309 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

BY308 Byzantine Syro-Palestinian Terracotta Oil Lamp

BY307 Byzantine Bronze Finger Ring

BY306 Byzantine Bronze Pendant

BY303 Byzantine Silver Cross

BY302 Byzantine Decorated Cross

BY301 Byzantine Oil Lamp with Figural Scene

BY299 Byzantine Egypt, Coptic Bone Plaque

BY298 Byzantine Egypt, Coptic Bone Plaque

BY297 Byzantine Egypt, Coptic Bone Plaque

BY296 Byzantine Egypt, Coptic Bone Plaque

BY295 Byzantine Egypt, Coptic Bone Plaque

BY294 Byzantine Mount Group

BY293 Byzantine Oil Lamp

BY290 Byzantine Ceramic Oil Lamp

BY283 Byzantine Ring

BY280 Byzantine Oil Lamp

BY271 Byzantine Ring

BY268 Byzantine Oil Lamp

BY264 Byzantine Bronze Trade Weights

BY263 Byzantine Bronze Finger Ring

BY259 Byzantine Cross Pendant

BY258 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

BY255 Byzantine Bronze Trade Weights

BY254 Byzantine Bronze Ring

BY251 Byzantine Bronze Trade Weights

BY246 Byzantine Mixed Bronze Group

BY245 Byzantine Bronze Pendant

BY239 Byzantine Glass Jar

BY236 Byzantine Bronze Reliquary Cross Pendant

BY259 Byzantine Ceramic Oil Lamp

BY226 Bronze Byzantine Earrings