Authentic Islamic Artefacts

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A2324 Islamic Bronze Oil Lamp

A2323 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessels

A2322 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessel

A2321 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessels

A2320 Kashan Silhouette-Ware Pottery Jug

A2318 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessel

A2317 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessel

A2316 Ottoman Period Chamber Stick

A2315 Early Islamic Terracotta Oil Lamp

A2314 Indo-Persian Rectangular Mirror

A2313 Persian Ceramic Charger

A2312 Persian Qajar Pottery Jar

A2310 Persian Illuminated Manuscript

A2309 Persian Illuminated Manuscript

A2308 Islamic Oil Lamp

A2306 Islamic Oil Lamp

A2303a Iznik Pottery Vase

A2302 Persian Miniature Painting

A2301 Islamic Glass Water Vessel

A2300 Islamic Glass Vase

A2290 Islamic Glass Candleholder

A2298 Islamic Glass Vase

A2297 Islamic Glass Vessel

WC57 Spain, Christian Copy of Almohad Dirham

A2296 Islamic Large Plate With Bird

A2295 Kutahya Decorated Ink Pot Stand

A2294 Kutahya Decorated Octagonal Stand

A2293 Kutahya Decorated Stem Bowl

A2292 Islamic Glass Vessels

A2291 Islamic Glass Vessel

A2290 Sassanian Glass Vessel

A2289 Sassanian Glass Vessel

A2288 Sassanian Glass Vessel

A2287 Islamic Glass Bottle With Trail

TA155 Berber Pottery Two Chamber Vessel

A2286 Islamic Glass Jug or Ewer

A2285 Islamic Multi-Coloured Glass Beads

A2283 12th Century Persian Bronze Oil Lamp

A2283 Islamic Spouted Vessel

A2282 Islamic Glazed Glass Jug

A2281 Islamic Stamp Seal

A2278 Islamic Ring

A2278 Islamic Horse Harness Group

A2272 Islamic Qajar Engraved Bowl

A2271 Islamic Oil Lamp on Stand

A2270 Islamic Rose Water Sprinkler

A2269 Islamic Miniature Glass Vessel

A2268 Islamic Miniature Glass Vessel

A2266 Persian Decorated Spontoon 17th century A.D.

A2265 Ottoman Clay Pipe Bowl

A2260 Islamic Ceramic Pilgrim Flask

A215 Ancient Islamic Glazed Earthenware Oil Lamp

A207 Ottoman Steatite Pipe Bowl

TA79 Berber Pottery Storage Vessel

TA77 Turkoman Tribal Bell-Shaped Earrings

TA77 Turkoman Tribal Domed Discoid Pendant

A189 Islamic Terracotta Flagon

TA76 Turkoman Tribal Two-Tier Triangular Pendant

TA73 Turkoman Tribal Openwork Bracelet

TA72 Turkoman Tribal Domed Discoid Pendant

TA71 Turkoman Tribal Domed Discoid Pendant

TA70 Turkoman Tribal Crescent Earring

TA69 Turkoman Tribal Triangular Pendant

TA68 Turkoman Tribal Disc Pendant

TA67 Turkoman Tribal Disc Pendant

A196 Islamic Black Glass Bottle