Pre-Columbian Artefacts 
Authentic Artefacts from Central and South America

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PC260 Colima Terracotta Votive Figurine

PC256 Pre-Colombian Colima Effigy Face Jug

PC253 Casas Grandes Redware Storage Jar

PC247 Casas Grandes Redware Jar

PC245 Casas Grandes Pottery Votive Figure

PC244 Pre-Columbian Chancay Burial Textile Dolls

PC243 Pre-Columbian Moche Pottery Vase

PC243 Pre-Columbian Moche Pottery Turtle Bowl

PC242 Chancay Culture Pottery Vessel

PC241 Pottery Seated Jamacoaque Figure

PC240 Mayan Polychrome Pottery Dish

PC239 Pre-Columbian Jamacoaque Pottery Seated Figure

PC238 Pre-Columbian Teotihuacan Earthenware Vessel

PC237 Pre-Columbian Costa Rica Pottery Vessel

PC236 Pre-Columbian Grooved Axe Head

PC233 Pre-Columbian Mayan Stone Celt

PC232 Pre-Columbian Mayan Stone Celt

PC230 Pre-Columbian Chancay Textile Fragment

PC228 Pre-Columbian Costa Rica Pottery Vessel

PC227 Pre-Columbian Costa Rica Pottery Vessel

PC226 Pre-Columbian Nicoya Pottery Bowl

PC225 Pre Columbian Chiriqui Tripod Vessel

PC224 Pre Columbian Casas Grandes Pottery Bowl

PC223 Pre Columbian Nicoya Bowl

PC222 Pre Columbian Pedestal Bowl

PC221 Pre Columbian Moche Copper Axehead

PC220 Pre Columbian Moche Copper Axehead

PC218 Mayan Polychrome Bowl

PC217 Pre Columbian Standing Female Figure

PC216 Pre Columbian Nicaraguan Axehead

PC215 Pre-Columbian Nicoya Jug

PC212 Pre-Columbian Chimu Stirrup Vessel

PC211 Pre-Columbian Mayan Olla

PC211 Pre-Columbian Mayan Terracotta Vessel

PC207 Pre-Columbian Clay Head Group

PC206 Pre-Columbian Pottery Stirrup Vessel

PC205 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Olla

PC203 Nicoya Culture Polychrome Olla

PC192 Chavin Culture Terracotta Bowl

PC191 Large Chavin Mace Head

PC185a Pre-Columbian Silver Tweezers

PC181 Pre-Columbian Clay Vessel

PC176 Chimu Culture Oil Vessel

PC173 Pre-Columbian Chinesco Pottery Jug

PC165 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Spindlewhorl Group

PC162 Pre-Columbian Pottery Cup

PC161 Pre-Columbian Pottery Jar

PC160 Pre-Columbian Pottery Jar

PC156 Pre-Columbian Pottery Dish

PC157 Pre-Columbian Pottery Cup

PC155 Pre-Columbian Pottery Jar

PC154 Pre-Columbian Pottery Jar

PC152 Central and South American Stone Arrowhead and Implement Group

PC149 Pre-Columbian Mayan Brownware Dish

PC145 Pre-Columbian Terracotta Deity

PC141 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Animal

PC133 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Standing Bear Figurine