Pre-Columbian Artefacts 
Authentic Artefacts from Central and South America

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PC299 Pre-Columbian Chimu Bird Stirrup-Spout Vessel from Peru

PC292 Pre-Columbian Blade Handle Vessel

PC290 Pre-Columbian Chorrera Terracotta Bowl

PC283 Pre-Columbian Carchi Terracotta Tripod Bowl

PC284 Pre-Columbian Chorrera Terracotta Bowl

PC282 Pre-Columbian Chorrera Clay Bowl

PC280 Pre-Columbian Carchi Terracotta Bowl

PC279 Pre-Columbian Carchi Terracotta Bowl

PC276 Pre-Columbian Carchi Ceramic Bowl

PC272 Pre-Columbian Pottery Stirrup Vessel

PC271 Pre-Columbian Clay Figurine

PC241 Pottery Seated Jamacoaque Figure

PC237 Pre-Columbian Costa Rica Pottery Vessel

PC228 Pre-Columbian Costa Rica Pottery Vessel

PC227 Pre-Columbian Costa Rica Pottery Vessel

PC226 Pre-Columbian Nicoya Pottery Bowl

PC225 Pre Columbian Chiriqui Tripod Vessel

PC224 Pre Columbian Casas Grandes Pottery Bowl

PC223 Pre Columbian Nicoya Bowl

PC222 Pre Columbian Pedestal Bowl

PC205 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Olla

PC192 Chavin Culture Terracotta Bowl

PC176 Chimu Culture Oil Vessel

PC165 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Spindlewhorl Group

PC162 Pre-Columbian Pottery Cup

PC161 Pre-Columbian Pottery Jar

PC160 Pre-Columbian Pottery Jar

PC156 Pre-Columbian Pottery Dish

PC155 Pre-Columbian Pottery Jar

PC149 Pre-Columbian Mayan Brownware Dish