Authentic European and Near Eastern Hammered Coins

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WC66 France Metz Demi-Gros

WC65 Spain, Henry III

WC64 Arabia, Himyarite, Scyphate Unit

WC62 Lucca: City: Penny

WC60 Valence: Bishops: Penny

WC58 Antioch Tancred Bronze Follis

WC57 Early Ottoman Empire

WC56 Italy, Papal States, Bologna

WC52 Italy, Perugia, Sestino

WC51 Papal Coins, Stati Pontificio

WC50 Papal Coins, Stati Pontificio

WC49 Papal Coins, Stati Pontificio

WC45 Early Ottoman Empire

WC44 Poland Sigismund III Quarter Thaler

WC43 Early Ottoman Empire

WC40 Crusader States, Bohemund V, Antioch

WC41 Crusader States, Bohemund III, Antioch

WC38 Crusader States, Tancred, Antioch

WC37 Crusader States, Tancred, Antioch

WC36 France, Henri, Denier 919-936 AD

WC34 Crusader Issue Denier Tournois

WC33 Crusader Issue Denier Tournois

WC32 Crusader Issue Denier Tournois

WC31 Crusader Issue Denier Tournois

WC30 Crusader Issue Denier Tournois

WC28 Crusader Issue Denier

WC27 Crusader Issue Denier Tournois

WC26 Poland, Frederick

WC25 Poland, Frederick

WC24 Poland, Frederick

WC23 Poland, Frederick

WC22 Poland, Sigismund I

WC21 Poland, Sigismund I

WC20 Poland, Sigismund I

WC19 Poland Sigismund III Vasa

WC16 Sassanian, Yazdegard I, Dirham

WC17 Sassanian, Peroz, Dirham

WC14 France, Charles VI, Guenar

WC13 Khusru II Dirham

WC11 Duke Louis of Savoy