Ethnographic Artefacts 
Authentic Ethnographic Artefacts from other cultures and societies 

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TA176 West African Slave Manilla Okpoho Money

TA175 Mali Spindle Whorls

TA174 Zulu Ceremonial Knobkerrie

TA173 Benin Ceremonial Dagger

TA172 Asante Bronze Kuduo Vessel Lid

TA171 Senufo Female Ancestor/Spirit Figure

TA170 Wooden Ceremonial Jar/Pourer

TA169 Ceramic Figurative Vessel

TA168 Yombe Maternity Figure

TA167 Congo Nail Fetish Figure

TA164 Tsonga Wooden Stool

TA163 Bambara Korè Hyena Mask

TA162 We Mask

TA161 Salampasu Mask

TA160 Baule Mblo Mask

TA159 Igbo Maiden Spirit Helmet Mask

TA158 Igbo Maiden Spirit Mask

TA157 Senufo Male Figure

TA156 Senufo Female Figure

TA155 Yoruba Hardwood Mask

FMB59 Fossil Mastodon Tusk Carving

TA154 Large Dogon Ceremonial Spoon

PA32 Papua New Guinea Pot

TA155 Berber Pottery Two Chamber Vessel

PA154 Maori Double Ended Comb

FMB57 Fossil Mastodon Bone Carving

FMB56 Fossil Mastodon Bone Carving

TA153 Terracotta Head, Benin Kingdom

TA152 Yoruba Fertility Figure

TA151 African Zande Spoon

TA150 African Asante Comb Figure

TA149 African Bakongo Short Sword

TA148 African Zande Knife

TA147 African Luba Ceremonial Knife

TA146 Punu Okuyi Mask, Gabon

TA145 Kwele Four Faces Mask, Gabon

AA92 Carved Wood & Stone Axe

PA87 Buni Culture Bead Necklace

TA137 Brass and Wood Smoking Pipe

AA85 South East Asian Opium Pipe

TA134 Dogon Bronze Figurine

TA133 Brass Smoking Pipe, Cameroon

TA132 African Tikar Clay Smoking Pipe

TA130 Tswana Clay Pipe

TA127 Benin Bronze Warrior

TA126 Benin Bronze Warrior

TA125 Benin Bronze Warrior

TA114 Akan (Ashanti) Goldweight

TA111 Akan (Ashanti) Goldweight

TA109 Akan (Ashanti) Goldweight

TA79 Berber Pottery Storage Vessel

TA76 Turkoman Tribal Two-Tier Triangular Pendant

TA73 Turkoman Tribal Openwork Bracelet

TA72 Turkoman Tribal Domed Discoid Pendant

TA71 Turkoman Tribal Domed Discoid Pendant

TA69 Turkoman Tribal Triangular Pendant

TA68 Turkoman Tribal Disc Pendant

TA46 African Bracelet Money

TA45 African Bracelet Money

TA44 Ashanti Gold Weight

TA42 African Bracelet Money

TA41 African Bracelet Money

TA39 Tuareg Bracelets

TA36 Manilla Slave Bangle

TA35 Bronze West African Musician

TA24 Igbo Female Ancestor Figure, Nigeria

TA23 Dogon Fetish Figure, Mali

TA21 Lobi Brass Pendant, Côte d'Ivoire

TA06 Ashanti Fertility Goddess Gold Weight