Ethnographic Artefacts 
Authentic Ethnographic Artefacts from other cultures and societies 

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T289 Ashanti Fertility/Wedding Figures

TA288 African Ashanti Fertility Doll

TA287 African Ashanti Fertility Doll

TA286 Senufo Wooden Tribal Mask

TA284 Crocodile Wooden Tribal Mask/Headdress

TA283 Okuyi Ceremonial Mask

TA282 African Carved Dan Wooden Mask

TA281 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA280 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA279 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA278 Wooden West African Tribal Mask

TA277 Wooden Bambara Tribal Mask

TA276 Wooden Bambara Tribal Mask

TA275 Wooden Bobo Tribal Helmet Mask

TA274 Luba Wooden Tribal Mask

TA273 Senufo Wooden Tribal Mask

TA272 Congo Wooden Cup

TA271 West African Tribal Fertility Figure

TA270 West African Tribal Ancestor Figure

TA269 West African Dan Mask

TA268 West African Chokwe Mask

TA266 West African Tribal Mask

TA265 West African Tribal Fertility Figure

TA264 West African Tribal Fertility Figure

TA263 West African Tribal Fertility Figure

TA262 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA261 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA260 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA259 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA258 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA257 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA256 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA255 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA254 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA253 African Ashanti Fertility Doll

TA252 Kamba Tribal Mask

TA251 Kamba Tribal Mask

TA250 West African Wooden Water Jug

TA249 Ashanti Tribal Mask

TA248 Bronze Tribal Fertility Figures

TA247 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA246 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weights

TA245 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA244 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weights

TA243 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA240 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA239 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weights

TA238 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA237 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA235 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA234 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA232 Dan Carved Face Mask

TA231 Pair of Benin Bronze Leopards

TA230 Coptic Silver Cross Pendant

TA228 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA227 Carved Yoruba Tribal Stool

TA226 Pende Wooden Mask

TA225 Chokwe Wooden Performance Mask

TA224 Lwena Dance Mask

TA223 Fang Mask

TA222 Bambara Mask

TA221 Benin Bronze Cuff Bracelet

TA220 Benin Bronze Figure on Horseback

TA218 Senufo Female Figure

TA217 Madagascan Painted Female Figure

TA216 Baule Catapult/Slingshot

TA215 Dan Dean gle Mask

TA214 Mossi Wooden Mask

TA213 Marka Wood and Metal Mask

TA210 Pottery Vessel Molded with Figures

TA209 Female Ancestor Figure

TA208 Fang Female Mother Figure

TA207 Yoruba Female Ancestor Figure

TA206 Baule Female Ancestor Figure

TA205 Fang Female Ancestor Figure

TA204 Baule Crested Carved Mask

TA203 Kissi Pomdo Stone Twin Figures

TA202 Punu Okuyi Ceremonial Mask

TA200 Chokwe Wooden Tribal Mask

TA198 Lega Wooden Tribal Mask

TA197 Lega Wooden Tribal Mask

TA196 Lega Wooden Tribal Mask

TA195 Yoruba Wooden Tribal Mask

TA194 Bamileke Door Frame Section

TA192 Yoruba Wood Ibeji Twin Figures

TA190 Asante Bronze Kuduo Vessel with Lid

TA188 Kissi Nomoli Figure

TA186 Manilla Slave Bangle

TA183 Bronze Benin Oba King Bust

TA181 Kongo Two Headed Nail Fetish Figure

TA175 Mali Spindle Whorls

TA172 Asante Bronze Kuduo Vessel Lid

TA171 Senufo Female Ancestor/Spirit Figure

TA170 Wooden Ceremonial Jar/Pourer

TA167 Kongo Nail Fetish Figure

TA162 We Mask

TA161 Salampasu Mask

TA158 Igbo Maiden Spirit Mask

TA156 Senufo Female Figure

TA152 Yoruba Fertility Figure

TA151 African Zande Spoon

TA150 African Asante Comb Figure

TA145 Kwele Four Faces Mask, Gabon

TA137 Brass and Wood Smoking Pipe

AA85 South East Asian Opium Pipe

TA134 Dogon Bronze Figurine

TA133 Brass Smoking Pipe, Cameroon

TA132 African Tikar Clay Smoking Pipe

TA130 Tswana Clay Pipe

TA127 Benin Bronze Warrior

TA126 Benin Bronze Warrior

TA125 Benin Bronze Warrior

TA109 Akan (Ashanti) Goldweight

TA45 African Bracelet Money

TA42 African Bracelet Money

TA41 African Bracelet Money

TA39 Tuareg Bracelets

TA36 Manilla Slave Bangle

TA35 Bronze West African Musician

TA23 Dogon Fetish Figure, Mali

TA21 Lobi Brass Pendant, Côte d'Ivoire