Egyptian Antiquities 
Authentic Antiquities from Ancient Egypt.

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E337 Ancient Egyptian Amulet Group

E255 Egyptian Amulet Group

E363 Egyptian Offering Cup

E361 Predynastic Naqada III Stone Knife Blade

E360 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Arrowhead

E359 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Arrowhead

E358 Coptic Figural Cross Pendant

E356 Egyptian Mummy Necklace Bead String

RM396 Romano-Egyptian Terracotta Amphora

RM395 Romano-Egyptian Pottery Flask

E352 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Arrowhead

E250 Egyptian Bronze Situla

E349 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Arrowhead

E343 Ancient Egypt Faience Ushabti Figure

E341 Egyptian Glass Bead

E339 Egyptian Glass Ushabti

E336 Ancient Egyptian Bes Amulet

E334 Egyptian Ceramic Perfume Flask

E333 Egyptian Faience Ushabti

E332 Egyptian Faience Ushabti

E331 Ancient Egyptian Oil Lamp

E329 Ancient Egyptian Oil Lamp

E328 Ancient Egyptian Oil Lamp

E325 Ancient Egyptian Faience Beads

E324 Ancient Egyptian Faience Disc Amulet

E323 Ancient Egyptian Glass Beads

E320 Egyptian Glass Head Amulets

E321 Ancient Egyptian Bes Amulet

E318 Egyptian Bone Arm Amulet

BY299 Byzantine Egypt, Coptic Bone Plaque

BY298 Byzantine Egypt, Coptic Bone Plaque

BY297 Byzantine Egypt, Coptic Bone Plaque

BY296 Byzantine Egypt, Coptic Bone Plaque

BY295 Byzantine Egypt, Coptic Bone Plaque

E315 Ancient Egyptian Wooden Comb

E310 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Sickle Blade

E305 Pre-Dynastic Naqada Egyptian Flint Arrowhead

E303 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Arrowhead

E289 Ancient Egyptian Amulet Group

E285 Predynastic Egyptian Stone Spearhead

E283 Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

E282 Ancient Egyptian Child’s Bangle

E281 Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

E279 Ancient Egyptian Anubis Amulet

E278 Ancient Egyptian Amulet Group

E275 Ancient Egyptian Shabti

E272 Ancient Egyptian Bangle

E268 Ancient Egyptian Bes Amulet

E266 Ancient Egyptian Bes Amulet

E265 Ancient Egyptian Pataikos and Bes Amulets

E264 Ancient Egyptian Bes Amulet

E258 Egyptian Bes Amulet Group

E257 Egyptian Bes Amulet Group

E256 Predynastic Chert Blade Tool

E253 Egyptian Sow Amulets

E250 Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet Amulet

E249 Egyptian Amulet Group

E248 Egyptian Amulet Group

E247 Egyptian Pottery Vessel

E246 Pataikos with Dwarf Body Amulet

E242 Predynastic Chert Knife/Blade

E241 Predynastic Chert Projectile Point

E240 Predynastic Chert Knife/Blade

E239 Predynastic Chert Projectile Point

E238 Predynastic Naqada III Stone Knife Blade

E237 Predynastic Stone Spearhead

E236 Son of Horus Amulet

E235 Son of Horus Amulet

E234 Son of Horus Amulet

E233 Egyptian Faience Ushabti

E231 Egyptian Hatmehit Fish Amulet

E230 Egyptian Sma Amulet

E228 Egyptian Menat Amulet

E226 Egyptian Menat Counterpoise Amulet

E214 Egyptian Monkey Amulet

E213 Egyptian Amulet Group

E207 Egyptian Alabaster Jar

E205 Terracotta Ushabi

E204 Egyptian Glazed Shabti

E203 Egyptian Bronze Situla

E187 Egyptian Glazed Shabti

E186 Egyptian Glazed Shabti

E184 Egyptian Glazed Shabti

E175 Egyptian Alabaster Bowl

E172 Egyptian Black Ware Juglet

E162 Egyptian Shabti

E161 Egyptian Oil Lamp

E140 Egyptian Oil Lamp

E129 Ancient Egyptian Glazed Shabti

E76 Ancient Egyptian Storage Jar

E74 Ancient Egyptian Storage Jar

E73 Pre Dynastic Naqada Egyptian Stone Arrowhead

E69 Egyptian Red Ware Terracotta Stauette

E68 Egyptian Red Ware Terracotta Head