NE562 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

RM463 Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

A2373 Iznik Pottery Flask

NE561 Neolithic Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

NE560 Neolithic Flint Leaf-Shaped Arrowhead

GA335 Phrygian Bow Brooch

MO199 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Spear Point

NAN178 Neolithic Tenerean Culture Hand-Axe

SA304 Viking Bronze Raven Brooch

E367 Egyptian Pottery Shabti

A328 Sassanian Temple Ring

RM419 Late Roman Bronze Bracelet

RM417 Late Roman Earring Pair

RM423 Roman Terracotta Oil Jar

NE519 Neolithic/Early Bronze Age Flint Arrowhead

RM403 Roman Terracotta Head

A326 Ancient Babylonian Bracelet

GA322 Greek Bronze Mirror

BA231 Bronze Age Decorated Vessel

AA224 Ancient Chinese Warring States Period Dagger Axe Pole Weapon

E331 Ancient Egyptian Oil Lamp

BA241 Bronze Age Decorated Bowl

E315 Ancient Egyptian Wooden Comb

HA169 Edward I Halfpenny

E289 Ancient Egyptian Amulet Group

A2325 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessels

A2324 Islamic Bronze Oil Lamp

19FA02 William Pyne "Three Girls"

RM342 Roman Ceramic Grey Ware Bowl

D289 Charcharodontosaurus Dinosaur Tooth

E253 Egyptian Sow Amulets

CL105 Clactonian Tools

MO158 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Flint Tools

SA285 Viking Axe-Hammer

RM264 Roman Terracotta Jar

A258 Bronze Age Holy Land Dipper Cup

GA263 Cypriot Pottery Bowl

ME233 English Medieval Brooches

PC210 Decorated Nicoya Culture Pot

D269 Bahariasaurus Dinosaur Tooth

D253 Edmontosaurus Jaw Section

PC200 Decorated Nicoya Culture Pot

HA133 John Short Cross Penny

ME220 Medieval War Axe-head

ME211 English Medieval Brooches

A243 Decorated Ceramic Jug

DSA20 Neolithic Danish Polished Flint Axehead

E200 Egyptian Coptic Tunic Decoration

E186 Egyptian Coptic Tunic Decoration

PC188 Mayan Ceramic Bowl

A213 Early Bronze Age Pottery Vase

GA207 Greek Miniature Ceramic Jar

AA19 Chinese Bronze Chalice 1st millennium BC

NAN122 Aterian Tanged Scraper 85,000 to 40,000 B.C.

HA95 Henry III Penny

ST484 Dolmen Culture Point/Blade

PC135 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Toy Bird

ST462 Polished Stone Adze Blade

NAN106 Neolithic Barbed Arrowhead

HA92 Edward IV

HA55 Elizabeth I Threepence

AN98 Paleo Lancet Blade