RM683 Ancient Roman Terracotta Lidded Chalice

E534 Egyptian Mummy Bracelet Bead String

E532 Egyptian Udjat Eye Amulet

E530 Egyptian Mummy Bracelet Bead String

E530 Egyptian Mummy Bracelet Bead String

E529 Egyptian Mummy Necklace Bead String

NE730 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead

GA411 Ancient Greek Lekythos

E527 Ancient Egyptian Servant Ushabti

E526 Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

E525 Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

E524 Egyptian Mummy Necklace Bead String

NE722 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead

E523 Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

LP035 British Palaeolithic Flint Proto Cleaver

NE720 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead

MO221 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Point/Awl

NE719 Neolithic Flint Knife

NE718 Neolithic Flint Knife

MF214 Meyeria Lobster Fossil

E520 Ancient Egyptian Alabaster Vase

MF212 Meyeria Lobster Fossil

FMB102 Mammoth Tusk Section

AC133 Acheulian Flint Spearhead

GA410 Ancient Greek Terracotta Head of a Woman

E518 Egyptian Glazed Ushabti

AR06 Idol-Plaque from the Chalcolithic

AR05 Idol-Plaque from the Chalcolithic

RM677 Roman Silver Military Pendant

E517 Ancient Egyptian Alabaster Vase

RM676 Roman Terracotta Bowl

SA433 Anglo-Saxon Burial Amulet

BY337 Byzantine Silver Gilt Finger Ring

SA432 Viking Iron Arrowheads

SA428 Viking Iron Spear Head

E518 Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

AA373 Chinese Ming Coin Knife

AA372 Japanese Bone Tanto Dagger

BY337 Byzantine Decorated Cross

SA424 Viking Agricultural Sickle

MF210 Fossil Starfish

ME734 Medieval Iron Crescent-Shaped Axehead

A442 Amlash Animal-Headed Ceramic Bowl

IF99 Polished Copal with Insects

NAN222 Neolithic Tenerian Culture Axe

RM671 Ancient Roman Zeus Fibula

RM667 Roman Terracotta Model Pig

RM666 Roman Terracotta Horse Head

SA412 Anglo-Saxon Gilt Silver Pendant

SA409 Anglo-Saxon Bronze Annular Brooch

SA408 Anglo-Saxon Bronze Annular Brooches

E517 Egyptian Mummy Necklace Bead String

E516 Ancient Egyptian Servant Ushabti

RM655 Ancient Roman Silver Finger Ring

RM653 Roman Discus Oil Lamp

E507 Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

E505 Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

AA367 Tang Dynasty Recumbent Ram

A2428 Persian Curved Dagger

E501 Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

RM641 Roman Terracotta Bowl

A415 Parthian Socketted Arrowhead

HA244 Edward IV, York, Long Cross Penny

RM619 Roman Bronze Hairpin

RM613 Roman Grey Ware Jug

AM151 Cut and Polished Ammonite

IF95 Insects in Amber

A1279 Bronze Figure of Devi Uma Parameshvari

ME335 Medieval Apothecary Spoons

NE709 Neolithic Flint Knives

NE708 Neolithic Flint Punch Borer

RM609 Ancient Roman Food Knife

SA383 Anglo-Saxon Silver Hair Ring

A410 Syro-Hittie Terracotta Bull Figure

SA374 Anglo Saxon Strap End

NE702 Neolithic Flint Knife

PA170 Indonesian Bone Ceremonial Figure

NE693 Neolithic Flint Knife

RM588 Punic Pottery Jug

HA238 Henry VI Rosette Mascle Halfgroat

RC245 P Clodius M f - Apollo AR Denarius

NE687 Neolithic Tanged Arrowhead

A2418 Large Glazed Ceramic Iznik Shallow Bowl

ME301 Medieval Iron Sickle

A2417 Ottoman Dagger and Sheath

A2416 Iznik Persian Pedestal Vase

NE686 Neolithic Flint Spearhead

NE680 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead

MF183 Knightia alta Fossil Fish

PA169 Sepik River Ancestral Figure Papua New Guinea

FMB93 Ice Age Fossil Wolf Rib Bone

RM576 Roman Twisted Bracelet with Animal Heads

RM577 Roman Iron Arrowhead

PC286 Pre-Columbian Jalisco Culture Pottery Seated Figure

ME294 Medieval Bronze Finger Ring

BA276 Celtic Bronze Torc

GA380 Hellenistic Pottery Spindle Flask

A1276 Indian Brass Figure of Lakshmi

HA229 Edward I Penny

E438 Egyptian Amulet of Anubis

A1271 Shiva as Lord of Dance

A2412 Islamic Glass Bracelet

A2408 Early Islamic Stone Oil Lamp

TA219 Benin Bronze Horse

NE638 Neolithic Flint Knife and Scraper

RM539 Roman Terracotta Vessel

A375 Elamite Bronze Arrowhead

RM532 Roman Terracotta Vessel

GA264 Parthian Empire Mithradates II

D327 Dinosaur Clavicle Bone Section

D326 Dinosaur Front Leg Bone Section

RC218 L. Papius Silver Denarius

GA354 Mycenaean Greek Bronze Arrowhead

RC216 Bosporus Ininthimeus

E409 Kushite Stone Axe

E407 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Ounan Point

E406 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Sickle Blade

D313 Spinosaurus Dinosaur Tooth

CC44 Danubian Celts, Sattelkopf Tetradrachm

RC214 Septimius Severus Emperor AR Denarius

A2394 Seljuk Pottery Oil Lamp

A2393 Seljuk Pottery Oil Lamp

BA260 Bronze Age Pottery Vessel

BA259 Bronze Age Pottery Vessel

BA257 Bronze Age Pottery Vessel

ST528 Early Neolithic Linear Pottery Shards

PC260 Colima Terracotta Votive Figurine

PF41 Metasequoia Leaves

GA244 Parthia, Sinatruces

RM421 Roman Redware Bottle

ME266 Iron Trilobe Arrowhead

NA156 Late Archaic River Net Weights

BC85 Nicephorus III

BC84 Manuel I, Billon Trachy

GA238 Mithradates, Apollo Bronze

NA154 American Indian Grooved Axe

NA153 Late Archaic River Net weight

A1245 Indian Bronze Figure of Lakshmi

BY299 Byzantine Egypt, Coptic Bone Plaque

BA235 Bronze Age Bracelet

BA233 Bronze Age Bracelet

BC74 Maurice Tiberius Large M Follis

BC71 Maurice Tiberius Large M Follis

BC68 Maurice Tiberius. Large M Follis

BC67 Maurice Tiberius, Large M Follis

A2320 Kashan Silhouette-Ware Pottery Jug

BC61 Basil II and Constantine VIII, Class A2 Anonymous Follis

BC60 Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine, Follis

BC58 Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine, Follis

RM258 Roman Rock Crystal Beads

A2282 Islamic Glazed Glass Jug

ME221 English Medieval Brooches

ME197 Two Medieval Knives

WC12 Hormazd IV Dirham

MF71 Megalodon Tooth

AA44 Chinese Neolithic Vessel

RC105 Valerian I 253 – 260 AD


BY236 Byzantine Bronze Reliquary Cross Pendant

HS312 Mrs. Ples STS 5 Skull

NA132 Early Archaic Scraper