NE526 Neolithic/Early Bronze Age Flint Arrowhead

SA305 Viking Decorated Bearded Axehead

NE523 Neolithic Antler Tool

NE522 Neolithic Antler Tool

NE521 Neolithic Flint Knife

RM420 Roman Bone Dice Pair

RM418 Roman Bronze Bracelet

A328 Iron Age Terracotta Oil Jar

RM423 Roman Terracotta Oil Jar

TA199 Senufo Seated Twin Figures

NE519 Neolithic/Early Bronze Age Flint Arrowhead

E362 Egyptian First Dynasty Arrowhead

NE515 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

RM414 Romano-Egyptian Coral Beads

RM413 Roman Glass Handled Flask

RM412 Roman Marbled Glass Jar

NE509 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

A327 Ancient Babylonian Bracelet

RM402 Romano-British Greyware Shard

A325 Ancient Babylonian Bracelet

E357 Egyptian Mandrake Amulet

E355 Egyptian Bronze Four-Lobed Arrowhead

E354 Egyptian Bronze Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

PA158 Solomon Island Polished Axe-Head

AA284 Ancient Chinese Warring States Period Short Sword

BY305 Byzantine Bronze Pendant

E353 Egyptian First Dynasty Arrowhead

BA232 Bronze Age Bracelet

NE502 Neolithic Hoe Blade

ST515 Neolithic Votive polished Axe-Head

E348 Egyptian First Dynasty Arrowhead

E346 Ancient Egyptian Female Fertility Figure

A2341 Islamic Tuareg Takoba Broadsword

ST514 Neolithic Bone Tool

E327 Ancient Egyptian Oil Lamp

A293 Babylonian Limestone Bowl

E261 Ancient Egyptian Bes Amulet

GA289 Ancient Greek Dipping Cup

CL13 Clactonian Stone Tools

E243 Egyptian Pottery Vase

NA149 Late Archaic Projectile Point

MO155 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Handaxe

IF56 Fossil Lacewing

IF51 Crane Fly Insect Fossil

PC209 Pre-Columbian Moche Stirrup Vessel

NAN157 Neolithic Stone Axe Head

SA257 Viking Long Axe Head

RM220a Roman Terracotta Perfume Flask

BY244 Byzantine Bronze Filigree Earrings

RC110 Aurelian, 270 - 275 AD

GA171 Greek - Bruttium, The Bretti, AE

E87 Pre Dynastic Naqada Egyptian Stone Arrowhead

E63 Pre Dynastic Naqada Egyptian Stone Arrowhead