AA337 Thai Gilt Bronze Seated Deity

A393 Mesopotamian Socketted Axehead

SA357 Viking Socketted Spearhead

SA356 Viking Socketted Axehead

NE667 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead

NE666 Neolithic Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

IF69 Multiple Insects in Amber

A392 Ancient Mesopotamian Pottery Duck

E470 Egyptian Glazed Ushabti

E468 Egyptian Glazed Ushabti

E466 Egyptian Goddess Isis

E465 Egyptian Faience Ankh Pendant

E464 Egyptian Faience Fish Plaque

E462 Ancient Egypt Faience Wadjet Eye

NE664 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead

E460 Ancient Egypt Faience Finger Ring

E458 Ancient Egypt Faience Amulet

E457 Egyptian Faience Ushabti

E454 Ancient Egypt Faience Amulet

E453 Ancient Egypt Faience Plaque

ME289 Silver Ring Depicting a Mystical Beast

ME288 Silver Intaglio Ring Depicting Pan

PC273 Blackware Spouted Vessel of a Cat

E448 Egyptian Mummy Necklace Bead String

SA353 Anglo Saxon Lead Spindle Whorls

SA350 Saxon Bronze Bracelet

RM558 Roman Glass Bottle

E446 Egyptian Bronze Ra Brooch

E443 Egyptian Wooden Bird

E441 Egyptian Shabti of Amenet–em–heb

E442 Egyptian Head of a Priest

E439 Egyptian Statue of the Baboon God Thoth

E430 Ancient Egyptian Bronze Harporates

RM551 Roman Perfume Bottle

HA216 Elizabeth I Sixpence

IF66 Insects in Amber: Ant and Fly

D347 Mosasaur Jaw Section

MF179 Knightia alta Fossil Fish

NE647 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead

NE646 Neolithic Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

ME285 Medieval Gilt Silver Bracelet

RM547 Roman Plate Headed Bow Brooch

RM545 Roman Terracotta Oil Lamp

RM540 Roman Terracotta Spouted Vessel

GA370 Mycenaean Greek Bronze Arrowhead

RM525 Roman Iron Key

RM524 Roman Iron Key

RM523 Roman Silver Ring Depicting Africa

FMB80 Woolly Mammoth Tooth Partial

RM519 Roman Iron Arrowhead

GA353 Mycenaean Greek Bronze Arrowhead

ME282 Medieval Belt Buckles

RM513 Roman Bronze Brooch

SA329 Viking Socketted Spearhead

E400 Egyptian Fayum Neolithic Arrowhead

GA348 Ancient Greek Jug or Pitcher

GA341 Ancient Greek Bow Brooch

CC38 Celtic British Trinovantes

GA338 Ancient Greek Bow Brooch

RC210 Trajan Decius Antioch Eagle Tetradrachm

RM477 Roman Garnet Bead Necklace

TR58 Hollardops Trilobite

E381 Egyptian Wooden Pyxis and Lid

RM459 Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

BY322 Byzantine Glass Cross

E374 Egyptian Wooden Pyxis

RM474 Roman Garnet Bead Necklace

RM438 Roman Bronze Bracelet

RM427 Roman Bronze Bracelet

A2362 Nishapur Pottery Bowl

MO184 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Scraper/Chopper

PC253 Casas Grandes Redware Storage Jar

GA326 Miniature Ancient Greek Terracotta Stemmed Bowl

RM407 Roman Glass Unquentaria

AA283 Bronze Figurine of a Buddha

TA187 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

BY303 Byzantine Silver Cross

D297 Permian Branchiosaur Amphibian on Matrix

A1254 Indian Erotic Wood Carving

E250 Egyptian Bronze Situla

TA179 Yoruba Standing Female Figure

E339 Egyptian Glass Ushabti

E332 Egyptian Faience Ushabti

E328 Ancient Egyptian Oil Lamp

BA243 Bronze Age Dress Fastener

HA171 Charles I Halfgroat

GA236 Macedonia, Philip II

RM363 Roman Bronze Key Door-Lock Bolt

BY283 Byzantine Ring

AA180 Chinese Ming Glazed Pot Pair

GA273 Greek Head of a Goddess

MF117 Jianghanghichthys hubiensis Fish

A1223 Four-Armed Lord Shiva

RM226 Roman Knotenfibeln Brooch

AA156 Chinese Wood Carved Guan Yin Head

AA146 Chinese Hoi An Stem Bowl

AA119 Chinese Reclining Avalokiteshvara Statue

WC39 Crusader States, Bohemund III, Antioch

RM194 Roman Bronze Brooch

ME214 English Medieval Brooch

RM186 Roman Bronze Brooch

GA245 Greek Bronze Arrowhead

ME185 Medieval Ring Brooch

TA114 Akan (Ashanti) Goldweight

GA180 Greek – Thessaly - Thessalian League

RM211 Roman Bronze Buckle

AT23 Gothic Style Museum Cast

TA06 Ashanti Fertility Goddess Gold Weight