SA290 Viking Knife with Dragon Handle

A1239 Black Stone Parvati Statue

A1238 Black Stone Parvati Statue

AA208 Chinese Archaic Bronze Dagger-Axe

SA289 Viking Bronze & Iron Horse Bit

RM367 Roman Bronze Harness Fitting

NE484 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3000 B.C.

NE482 Neolithic Arrowhead c.3000 B.C.

E291 Predynastic Egyptian Acheulean Hand Axe

RM367 Roman Fibula Brooch

CL22 Clactonian Flint Tools

RM365 Roman Bronze Lion’s Paw

PC236 Pre-Columbian Chancay Grave Finds

E284 Ancient Egyptian Rosette Amulet

SA291 Viking Kievan Rus Knife

SA290 Viking Kievan Rus Pendant

BA228 Bronze Age Bracelet

E280 Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

E277 Ancient Egyptian Shabti

GA290 Greek Knife Blade

IF64 Fossil Cricket

GA286 Ancient Greek Aryballos

GA285 Greek Apulian Blackware Footed Wine Cup

RM352 Roman Marble Ram’s Head

AA196 Carving of Guanyin and Child

RM351 Roman Aucissa Brooch

A2314 Indo-Persian Rectangular Mirror

HA166 Elizabeth I, Sixpence

HA165 Elizabeth I, Sixpence

SA288 Viking Belt Mount Group

E259 Ancient Egyptian Alabaster Kohl Pot

NE472 Neolithic Flint Blades

AC144 Acheulian Scraper

GA277 Ancient Greek Aryballos

ML103 Mesolithic Tool Group

AC138 Acheulian Scraper/Blade

AC136 Acheulian Scraper

AC131 Acheulian Stone Blade

D287 Batrachichnus Amphibian Footprints

PF31 Fossil Sycamore Leaf

D286 Loch Ness Dinosaur Footprints

Notaalacerta Reptile Footprints

GA268 Hellenistic Statue of Hebe

ME234 Medieval Tool Group

E229 Seated Isis with Infant Horus Amulet

MF126 Fossil Diplomystus Fish

D276 Pterosaur Wing Claw

D275 Pterosaur Wing Claw

MF122 Fossil Diplomystus Fish

RM260 Roman Silver Ring

NAN159 Neolithic Stone Arrowhead

E223 Egyptian First Dynasty Arrowhead/Point

NE438 Neolithic Flint Axehead c.3000 B.C.

RM224 Roman Bronze Brooch

SA262 Viking Adze

SA259 Viking Curved Bladed Axehead

NE419 Neolithic Flint Axehead c.3000 B.C.

NE410 Neolithic Flint Spearhead c.3000 B.C.

NE407 Neolithic Flint Spearhead c.3000 B.C.

AA152 Thai Gilt Bronze Teppanom Angel

MO148 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Borer/Scraper

AA120 Chinese Seated Kubera

GA228 Macedonia, Philip II, Youth Riding Bronze

AA106 Bronze Figure of Quan Yin

HA146 Charles II Fourpence

RM198 Roman Spacer Necklace

HA132 Henry VII Groat

MF99 Fossil Starfish Mortality Plate

BA196 Bronze Age Bracelet

MO138 Mousterian (Neanderthal) End Scraper

RM319 Roman Bronze Buckle

RM307 Roman Bronze Bracelet

PC185 Pre-Columbian Standing Figure

ME190 Medieval Bronze Ring

AM112 Lytoceras Ammonite

RM288 Roman Bronze Finger Ring

RM287 Roman Bronze Finger Ring

BA163 Bronze Age Arm Ring

BA156 Bronze Age Hollow Socketed Axehead

A212 Ancient Persian Bronze-Age Sword

RM254 Roman Bronze Buckles

TA89 Indian Bronze Goddess Head Applique

SA200 Saxon Bronze Belt Fittings

RC119 Trajan, Alexandria

NAN124 Aterian Tanged Scraper 85,000 to 40,000 B.C.

SA191 Anglo-Saxon Bronze Strap-End

AC118 Acheulean Handaxe c. 600,000 to 200,000 BC

SA178 Anglo-Saxon Gilt Saucer Decoration

A171 Ancient Persian Leaf-Shaped Spearhead

GA166 Greek Pottery Cup

HA78 Henry VII Groat 1499-1502



ME103 Byzantine Iron Arrowhead