British Isles Hammered Medieval Coins 

Authentic British Isles Hammered Coins

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HA256 Edward III Halfpenny

HA255 Edward III Penny

HA254 Edward III Penny

HA253 Edward III Halfgroat

HA252 Edward III Halfgroat

HA251 Edward III Halfgroat

HA250 Edward III Groat

HA245 Henry VI Calais Rosette Mascle Halfpenny

HA243 Edward I Farthing

HA239 Henry VI Leaf Trefoil Halfpenny

HA237 Henry VI Calais Annulets Penny

HA236 Henry VI Leaf Pellet Halfpenny

HA232 Edward III Groat

HA227 Henry V Halfpenny

HA222 Edward IV Groat

HA220 Edward IV Halfgroat

HA201 Edward I, Penny

HA199 Scotland, Alexander III Penny

HA194 Edward III Treaty Penny

HA192 Henry VI Annulet Halfpenny

HA190 John Silver Penny

HA186 Edward III Silver Halfgroat

HA185 Edward I Silver Farthing

HA184 Edward I Silver Farthing

HA183 Edward I Silver Farthing

HA179 Ireland, Edward I

HA178 Scotland, Alexander III

HA177 Henry III Silver Penny

HA176 John Silver Penny

HA174 Edward III Long Cross Penny

HA136 Henry VI Halfpenny

HA135 Henry VI Penny

HA108 Edward III Pre Treaty Groat

HA105 Edward I – Dublin, Farthing

HA99 Henry III Penny

HA97 Edward I, 1272 – 1307 Farthing

HA87 Edward III Halfpenny

HA86 Edward III Halfpenny

HA85 Henry VI Halfpenny

HA88 Edward I Penny

HA86 Edward I Farthing

HA82 John Short Cross Penny

HA80 Edward III Penny 1327-77

HA71 Edward I Farthing

HA59 Henry III Penny

HA57 Edward III Halfpenny

HA44 Edward I (1272-1307), Penny, London Mint

HA45 Edward I (1272-1307), Penny, London Mint

HA43 Edward III, Halfpenny 1327-1377

HA40 Henry III Long Cross Penny

HA37 Edward III. Third or Florin Coinage Half-Penny