Medieval - Antiquities 
Authentic Antiquities from The Medieval Period.

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ME739 Medieval bronze seal ring

ME737 Medieval Buckle Group

ME736 Medieval Iron Billhook

ME735 Medieval Eating Knife

ME373 Early Plantagenet Silver Gilt Ring

ME372 Medieval Crafting Knife

ME371 Medieval Crafting Knife

ME370 Medieval Crafting Knife

ME368 Medieval Cross Horse Plate

ME367 Medieval Lead Workhouse Bag Seals

ME363 Medieval Lead Workhouse Bag Seals

ME362 Medieval Lead Trade Weight

ME361 Medieval Lead Trade Weight

ME360 Medieval Lead Trade Weight

ME358 Medieval Lead Trade Weight

ME357 Medieval Lead Trade Weight

ME356 Medieval Lead Trade Weight

ME355 Medieval Lead Trade Weight

ME351 Medieval Lead Trade Weight

ME350 Medieval Lead Trade Weight

ME348 Medieval Lead Trade Weight

ME347 Medieval Lead Trade Weight

ME346 Medieval Lead Trade Weight

ME344 Medieval Lead Trade Weight

ME341 Medieval Bronze Dagger Chape

ME339 Medieval Butchers’ Knives

ME338 Medieval Beehive Childs Thimble

ME333 Medieval Longsword Chape

ME332 Medieval Beehive Bronze Thimble

ME331 Medieval Ring Bronze Thimble

ME330 Medieval Lead Vesica Seal Matrix

ME329 Medieval Child’s Bronze Thimble

ME328 Medieval Buckle Group

ME327 Medieval Lead Seal Group

ME325 Medieval Belt Mounts

ME324 Medieval Belt Mounts

ME323 Medieval Lead Fittings

ME322 Medieval Lead Figural Fitting

ME321 Medieval Lead Furniture Fitting

ME320 Medieval Lead Seal Group

ME321 Medieval Lead Tokens

ME319 Medieval Buckle Group

ME318 Medieval Trade Weights

ME317 Medieval Clothing Studs

ME316 Late Medieval Buckle

ME315 Medieval Belt Mounts

ME313 Medieval Belt Mounts

ME312 Medieval Belt Mounts

ME311 Medieval Lead Vesica Seal Matrix

ME309 Medieval Decorated Utensil Handle

ME308 Medieval Decorated Buckle Plate

ME307 Medieval Decorated Ring

ME306 Medieval French Jettons

ME302 Medieval Terracotta Cup

ME299 Medieval Brass Bracelet

ME298 Medieval Bronze Beehive Thimble

ME297 Medieval Bronze Beehive Thimble

ME296 Medieval Bronze Belt Mounts

ME292 Medieval Belt Buckle and Mounts

ME288 Medieval Lead Tokens

ME281 Medieval Finger Ring

ME260 Medieval Lead Vessel

ME259 Medieval Lead Vessel

ME258 Medieval Eleven-Pointed Rowel

ME257 Medieval Sickle

ME256 Medieval Scythe

ME255 Medieval Sickle

ME236 Medieval Tool Group

ME235 Medieval Tool Group

ME229 Medieval Belt Buckles

ME225 English Medieval Brooch

ME222 Medieval Flail Head

ME213 English Medieval Brooches

ME212 English Medieval Brooch

ME210 English Medieval Brooch

ME209 English Medieval Brooch

ME184 Medieval Ring Brooch

ME178 Medieval Bronze Buckle

ME170 Strap End & Decoration, c.14th Century

ME127 13th Century Belt Buckle

ME123 14th Century Belt Fitting

ME121 Early 15th Century Strap End