Medieval - Antiquities 
Authentic Antiquities from The Medieval Period.

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ME301 Medieval Iron Sickle

ME300 Medieval 13th Century Iron Axehead

ME300 Medieval Gilt Silver Bracelet

ME299 Medieval Brass Bracelet

ME298 Medieval Bronze Beehive Thimble

ME297 Medieval Bronze Beehive Thimble

ME296 Medieval Bronze Belt Mounts

ME294 Medieval Bronze Finger Ring

ME292 Medieval Belt Buckle and Mounts

ME291 Medieval Door Key

ME289 Medieval Cross Pendant

ME288 Medieval Lead Tokens

ME286 Medieval Bronze Mirror Case

ME281 Medieval Finger Ring

ME276 Medieval Knife

ME266 Iron Trilobe Arrowhead

ME260 Medieval Lead Vessel

ME259 Medieval Lead Vessel

ME258 Medieval Eleven-Pointed Rowel

ME257 Medieval Sickle

ME256 Medieval Scythe

ME255 Medieval Sickle

ME236 Medieval Tool Group

ME235 Medieval Tool Group

ME230 Medieval Axe-head

ME229 Medieval Belt Buckles

ME225 English Medieval Brooch

ME222 Medieval Flail Head

ME221 English Medieval Brooches

ME218 Medieval Billhook

ME213 English Medieval Brooches

ME212 English Medieval Brooch

ME210 English Medieval Brooch

ME209 English Medieval Brooch

ME203 Medieval Knife

ME197 Two Medieval Knives

ME184 Medieval Ring Brooch

ME178 Medieval Bronze Buckle

ME170 Strap End & Decoration, c.14th Century

ME140 Medieval Iron Knife Blade

ME127 13th Century Belt Buckle

ME123 14th Century Belt Fitting

ME121 Early 15th Century Strap End