Authentic UK Hammered Tudor Coins

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HA242 Charles I Silver Penny

HA241 Charles I Silver Half Groat

HA240 Elizabeth I Sixpence

HA233 Elizabeth I Groat

HA226 Elizabeth I Sixpence

HA225 Elizabeth I Sixpence

HA219 Henry VII Penny

HA217 Elizabeth I Threepence

HA215 Elizabeth I Sixpence

HA214 Elizabeth I Sixpence

HA212 James I Halfgroat

HA211 Elizabeth I Threepence

HA210 James I Halfgroat

HA209 Elizabeth I, Sixpence

HA208 Elizabeth I, Sixpence

HA206 Elizabeth I, Sixpence

HA204 Elizabeth I, Sixpence

HA203 Elizabeth I, Sixpence

HA202 James I Shilling

HA200 Elizabeth I, Threepence

HA197 Elizabeth I Half Groat

HA196 Charles I Penny

HA189 James I Shilling

HA188 James I Sixpence

HA182 Elizabeth I Silver Penny

HA181 Elizabeth I Silver Penny

HA180 Scotland, Charles I

HA175 James I Halfgroat

HA166 Charles I, Tower, Sixpence

HA161 Charles I Halfgroat

HA160 Charles I Halfgroat

HA158 Charles I Halfgroat

HA152 Charles I Copper Farthing

HA147 Charles I Silver Penny

HA144 Elizabeth I Silver Sixpence

HA142 Elizabeth I Silver Halfgroat

HA140 Charles I Shilling

HA128 Charles I, Shilling

HA123 Charles I Shilling

HA122 Charles I Shilling

HA114 Charles I Shilling

HA111 Elizabeth I 1558-1603

HA110 Edward VI 1547-53

HA106 James I Shilling

HA90 Elizabeth I Milled Sixpence

HA84 Elizabeth I Penny

HA58 James I Halfgroat


HA41 Elizabeth I Third Issue Sixpence 1573