Authentic Antiquities from India.

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A1264 Late Medieval Bronze Deity

A332 Indus Valley Painted Storage Jar

A1263 Gandharan Fragmentary Frieze

A325 Indian Terracotta Head, 5th century A.D.

A1260 Indian Bronze Temple Guardian Figure

A1258 Bronze Nursing Mother Fragment

A1257 Stone Temple Fragment

A1256 Indian Erotic Wood Carving

A1255 Indian Erotic Wood Carving

A1254 Indian Erotic Wood Carving

A1253 Indian Erotic Wood Carving

A1252 Indian Bronze Bodhisattva

A1250 Burmese Hardwood Fly Whisk Handle

A1249 Indian Carved Domestic Shrine Doll

A1248 Indian Bronze Figure of Parvati

A1246 Hindu Stone Temple Sculpture

A1245 Indian Bronze Figure of Lakshmi

A1244 Indian Erotic Miniature

A1243 Indian Erotic Miniature

A1242 Hindu Stone Temple Sculpture

A1240 Indian Carved Stone Offering Niche

A1237 Gandharan Stone Buddha Head

A290 Indus Valley Mehrgarh Ceramic Bowl

A1236 Hindu Temple Fragment

A1235 Hindu Temple Fragment

A1234 Hindu Temple Fragment

A1232 Indian Carved Hardwood Figure Group

A272 Indus Valley Mehrgarh Ceramic Bowl

A268 Indus Valley Mehrgarh Ceramic Pot

A1231 Indian Kohl Flask

A1230 Indian Kohl Flask

A1229 Gandharan Scenic Column Fragment

A1228 Indian Bronze Deities

A1225 Dancing Bronze Ganesh

A1224 Four-Armed Buddha

A1223 Four-Armed Buddha

A1220 Indian Cast Bronze Figure of Ganesh

A1219 Carved Gandhara Sandstone Plinth

A1218 Votive Lamps from Southern India

A1217 Shiva as Lord of Dance

A1216 Bronze Figure of Vishnu

A1215 Indo/Persian Tulwar Sword

A1211 Indian Bronze Bowl and Vases

TA107 Indian Bronze Ganesh-Head Applique

TA102 Indian Bronze Pheasant Flask

TA92 Indian Bronze Standing Tribal Vishnu Figurine

A193 Indus Valley Large Ceramic Storage Jar