Dark Ages/Saxon/Viking - Antiquities 
Authentic Antiquities from The Dark Ages/Saxon/Viking Period.

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SA289 Viking Bead and Pendant Necklace

SA288 Viking Belt Mount Group

SA285 Viking Axe-Hammer

SA262 Viking Adze

SA261 Viking Adze

SA260 Viking Curved Bladed Axehead

SA259 Viking Curved Bladed Axehead

SA257 Viking Long Axe Head

SA256 Viking Iron Axe-head

SA251 Viking Silver Strap End Group

SA228 Viking Belt Mounts

SA202 Saxon Bronze Belt Fittings

SA201 Saxon Bronze Belt Fittings

SA200 Saxon Bronze Belt Fittings

SA192 Anglo-Saxon Bronze Wrist Clasps

SA191 Anglo-Saxon Bronze Strap-End

SA184 Anglo-Saxon Brooch

SA178 Anglo-Saxon Gilt Saucer Decoration