Dark Ages/Saxon/Viking - Antiquities 
Authentic Antiquities from The Dark Ages/Saxon/Viking Period.

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SA298 Anglo-Saxon Silver Finger Ring

SA297 Anglo-Saxon Silver Finger Ring

SA295 Anglo-Saxon Silver Finger Ring

SA296 Anglo-Saxon Silver Gilt Pendant

SA294 Anglo-Saxon Silver Hair Ring

SA293 Viking Silver Bracelet

SA292 Saxon Penannular Cloak Pin

SA290 Viking Silver Earrings

SA288 Viking Knife and Comb Group

SA287 Frankish Socketted Long Spearhead

SA285 Viking Axe-Hammer

SA260 Viking Curved Bladed Axehead

SA257 Viking Long Axe Head

SA256 Viking Iron Axe-head

SA251 Viking Silver Strap End Group

SA228 Viking Belt Mounts

SA202 Saxon Bronze Belt Fittings

SA192 Anglo-Saxon Bronze Wrist Clasps