American Indian Stone Age & other Artefacts 
Authentic Stone Age & other Artefacts from North America

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NA157 North West Coast Model Totem Pole

NA156 Late Archaic River Net Weights

NA154 American Indian Grooved Axe

NA153 Late Archaic River Net weight

NA152 Paleo Unifacial Knife Blade

NAI51 Paleo Unifacial Knife Blade

NA150 Poll Groove Axe

NA148 Terracotta Smoking Pipe Bowl

NA147 Bone Breastplate Section

NA146 Large Stone Spear Point

NA145 Large Stone Spear Point

NA143 Large Stone Blade

NA134 Late Archaic Hide Notched Scraper

NA132 Early Archaic Scraper

NA131 Early Archaic Scraper

NA126 Late Paleo Hafted Scraper

NA124 Late Archaic Hide Scraper

NAI22 Paleo Tool

AN97 Early Archaic Scraper

AN93 Paleo Knife Blade

AN88 Archaic Crescent Knife Blade

AN86 Early Archaic Fish Scraper

AN73 Paleo Turtle Back Hide Scraper

AN71 Paleo Lancet Blade

AN69 Middle Archaic Pickwick Point

AN68 Middle Archaic Pickwick Point

AN67 Middle Archaic Pickwick Point

AN65 Late Archaic Adena Point

AN63 Archaic Ovoid Knife

AN62 Cascade Phase Knife

AN61 Cascade Phase Knife

AN60 Cascade Phase Knife

AN45 Early Archaic Knife Blade/Scraper

AN43 Archaic Uni-faced Ovoid Knife

AN42 Archaic Stemmed Ledbetter Knife

AN36 Early Archaic Flake Knife Blade

AN35 Early Archaic Flake Knife Blade

AN25 Stemmed Knife Blade

AN24 Large Triangular Point

AN22 Archaic Flint Celt

AN19 Woodland Stemmed Point

AN11 Late Archaic Chert Blade

AN101 Late Archaic Hide Scraper

AN104 Archaic Knife/Graver Blade

AN102 Late Archaic Hide Scraper