British Stone Age Artefacts 
Authentic Stone Age Artefacts from Britain 

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NE610 Neolithic Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

NE609 Neolithic Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

NE608 Neolithic Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

NE606 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

NE605 Neolithic Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

NE604 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

NE575 Neolithic Flint Tool c.3000 B.C.

NE532 Neolithic Shafted Scraper & End Scraper c.3500 B.C.

NE507 Neolithic Flint Shafted Scraper c.3500 B.C.

MO179 Neanderthal Tool Group

MO178 Neanderthal Tool Group

NE481 Neolithic Flint Hammer Stones

NE480 Neolithic Flint Tool Group

NE478 Neolithic Flint Burin Group

NE477 Neolithic Flint Tool Group

NE476 Neolithic Flint Blade Group

NE475 Neolithic Flint Scrapers

NE471 Neolithic Flint Tool Group

AC146 Framed Display of Middle Acheulian Flints

NE466 Neolithic Scrapers

NE465 Neolithic Bifacial Microliths

NE463 Late Neolithic Scrapers

AC137 Acheulian Cleaver

NE443 Neolithic Flint Axehead c.3000 B.C.

NE432 Neolithic Cutting Blade c.3000 B.C.

NE417 Neolithic Flint Scraper/Blade c.3000 B.C.

NE411 Neolithic Flint Blade c.3000 B.C.

NE368 Neolithic Spoke Shave/Borer/ Scraper c.4000 B.C

NE260 Neolithic Scraper c.4000 B.C.

NE255a Neolithic Scraper c.4000 B.C.

NE254 Neolithic Scraper c.4000 B.C.

NE225 Neolithic Scraper c.4000 B.C.

NE162 Neolithic Borer/Notch Scraper c.3500 B.C.

NE157 Neolithic Twin Borer / Scraper c.3500 B.C.

NE156 Neolithic Stone Borer/End Scraper c.3500 B.C.

NE152 Neolithic Stone Borer/Scraper c.3500 B.C.

NE150 Neolithic Stone Scraper c.3500 B.C.

ST191 Neolithic Burin/ End Scraper, Burin & Spoke-Shave

ST189 Neolithic Burin/Spoke-Shave & Burin/Spoke-Shave/Scraper

ST187 Neolithic Flake Cores

ST185 Neolithic Spoke-shave/End Scraper & Blade

ST184 Neolithic Shafted Scraper

ST174 Neolithic Spoke-Shave