Authentic Ancient Roman Coins

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RC247 Faustina Senior - Ceres AR Denarius

RC246 Philip I - Roma AR Antoninianus

RC244 Helena - Securitas AE Follis

RC245 Severus Alexander - Fides AR Denarius

RC2451 Septimius Severus, Mars, AR Denarius

RC246 Severus Alexander Jupiter AR Denarius

RC236 Egypt Alexandria Carinus

RC235 Gordian III Laetitia Antoninianus

RC234 Gordian III Hercules Antoninianus

RC228 Salonina Alexandria AE Tetradrachm

RC227 Maximian Alexandria AE Tetradrachm

RC224 Probus Laetitia Antoninianus

RC223 RC223 Billon Antoninianus of Gallienus

RC222 Caracalla Silver Denarius

RC219 Septimius Severus Silver Denarius

RC215 Caracalla Moneta AR Denarius

RC208 Gallienus Jupiter Antoninianus

RC207 Gordian III Hercules Denarius

RC206 Maximinus I Victory Denarius

RC203 Septimius Severus Victory Denarius

RC197 Antoninus Pius, Pax As

RC196 Licinius I, Jupiter Follis

RC195 Galerius Maximian, Moneta Follis

RC193 Licinius, Jupiter Follis

RC162 Septimius Severus Denarius

RC161 Septimius Severus Colonial Bronze

RC160 Faustina II AS

RC146 Lucilla Dupondius

RC145 Lucilla Sestertii

RC136 Lucilla Sestertii

RC135 Lucilla Sestertii

RC132 Severus Alexander - Sol Sestertius

RC131 Agrippa, Neptune As

RC130 Agrippa, Neptune As

RC127 Carus, 282-283 A.D.

RC115 Caracalla Denarius 198 - 217 AD

RC111 Probus, 276 – 282 AD

RC107 Maximian, 286 – 310 AD

RC106 Claudius Gothicus, 268 – 270 AD

RC101 Caracalla Denarius. 213 AD

RC90 265 A.D Cornelia Salonina