Authentic Antiquities from The Far East.

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AA338 Majapahit Terracotta Bust

AA334 Japanese Ivory Meiji Okimono

AA333 Japanese Ivory Meiji Okimono

AA332 Song Dynasty Dish

AA330 Chinese Song Glazed Bowl

AA329 Yuan Dynasty Earthenware Animal

AA328 Meiji Period Ivory Figure Group

AA327 Majapahit Terracotta Head of a Woman

AA326 Majapahit Terracotta Head of a Woman

AA325 Chino Tibetan Bronze Figure of Buddha

AA323 Majapahit Terracotta Mother and Child

AA317 Chinese Neolithic Vessel

AA316 Chinese Neolithic Vessel

AA315 Chinese Neolithic Vessel

AA314 Chinese Neolithic Vessel

AA313 Chinese Neolithic Vessel

AA311 Chinese Neolithic Vessel

AA305 Chinese Bronze Figure of Quan Yin

AA304 Chinese Bronze Figure of Buddha

AA303 Chinese Red Agate Figurine

AA298 Japanese Ivory Meiji Okimono

AA297 Han Dynasty Figure of Court Lady

AA296 Chinese Sculpture of the Goddess Guanyin

AA295 Chinese Neolithic Jar

AA293 Chinese Ming Green Glazed Funerary Chest

AA289 Chinese Ming Glazed Vessel

AA287 Thai Buddha Head

AA285 Chinese Bronze Dagger Axe Head

AA282 Stele of Kuan Yin

AA281 Shakyamuni Sakyamuni Buddha Seal Stamp

AA280a Bronze Buddha Head

AA278 Silver Patinated Bronze Buddha Head

AA1253 Khmer Sandstone Head of a Buddha

AA1252 Thai Cast Bronze Lopburi Naga Buddha Statue

AA218 Chinese Shiwan Pottery Ginger Jar

AA213 Chinese Hoi An Shipwreck Lidded Jar

AA212 Japanese Bronze Hand Mirror

AA205 Chinese Ceramic Jar

AA201 Chinese Neolithic Jar

AA200 Ming Candle Holder Pair

AA189 Blackware Ban Chiang Jar

AA185 Japanese Carved Ivory Okimono

AA178 Chinese Blue & White Jar

AA174 Thai Temple Guardian

AA167 Chinese Bronze Figurine of a Buddha

AA169 Chinese Bronze Figurine of a Buddha

AA166 Chinese Canton Miniature Vase

AA165 Japanese Carved Ivory Okimono

AA164 Japanese Carved Ivory Okimono

AA163 Japanese Ivory Meiji Okimono

AA161 Tang Dynasty Pottery Figurines of Musicians

AA159 Tang Dynasty Pottery Figurines of Musicians

AA157 Thai Terracotta Buddha Plaque

AA153 Thai Brass Figure of the Buddha

AA150 Japanese Ivory Okimono

AA140 Sandstone Head of Bodhisattva

AA138 Ming Bronze Chinese Libation Cup

AA137 Japanese Ivory Meiji Okimono

AA134 Chinese Blanc-de-Chine Guanyin Figure

AA128 Chinese Carved Bone Figures

AA121 Chinese Ming Ceramic Bowl Pair

AA122 Chinese Hoi An Shipwreck Pot Pair

AA112 Japanese Walrus Ivory Okimono

AA108 Ornate Brass Hide Scraper

AA105 Japanese Walrus Ivory Okimono

AA103 Chinese Bronze Figure of Guanyin

AA101 Tang Dynasty Attendant Figure

AA96 South East Asian Opium Pipe

AA95 South East Asian Opium Pipe

AA94 South East Asian Pipe

AA89 South East Asian Large Funerary Mask

AA88 South East Asian Large Funerary Mask

AA85 South East Asian Opium Pipe

AA76 Chinese Neolithic Vase

AA65 Tang Dynasty Glazed Offering Table

AA58 Han Dynasty Clay Lid

PA47 Terracotta Model Temple

AA44 Chinese Neolithic Vessel

AA16 Han Dynasty Terracotta Granary Jar

AA11 Western Han Dynasty Grey Ware Pot