This is a large rare Villanovan culture dish, c. 1000 to c. 750 B.C. A large burnished dish, a vertical rim, a shallow basin, single lug to the underside with a suspension hole with a geometric pattern running across base and a waved pattern to the rim. Provenance: Ex Private Gloucestershire Archaeological Collection. The artefact is in very fine condition, complete, no repairs and measures 313mm diameter x 63mm tall.

The Villanovan culture flourished during the Iron Age in central Italy from c. 1000 to c. 750 B.C. It was a precursor of the Etruscan civilization, although the two populations are actually the same and the term Villanovan should not imply a separate people. Rather, the Villanovan culture is a label of convenience used by historians and archaeologists to describe the Etruscans in their formative years during the Iron Age.

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Price: 470.00

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Villanovan Culture Dish. NP Collectables
BA225 Villanovan Culture Dish
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