This is a fossil Diplomystus sp. Fish from the Eocene Age from the Green River Formation, Lincoln County, Wyoming. The fossil is in fine condition measuring 90mm long on a matrix measuring 92mm x 58mm.

In southwest Wyoming (and parts of Colorado and Utah) in the Green River Formation are found some of the world's most outstanding specimens of fossil fish. The Green River system was composed of three lakes: Lake Ulinta, Lake Gosiute and Fossil Lake. These Eocene Lakes lay in a series of intermountain basins formed by geological events that uplifted the Rocky Mountains during the early Tertiary time. The Climate was much different from the desert-like climate of this area today. Both the fauna (crocodiles, alligators, boa constrictors and some subtropical fish families) and the flora (such as large palm trees) indicate a climate much like that found along the Gulf Coast today. Large amounts of ash found in the sediments indicate that volcanoes were particularly active at this time.

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Fossil Diplomystus Fish. NP Collectables
MF106 Fossil Diplomystus Fish
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