This is a Seljuk Pottery Oil Lamp, c. 1100 AD. A blue glazed double spouted lamp with a globular body, projecting decorated spouts, and a D-shaped handle. Provenance: Private London collection, formed since the 1970s on the UK and European art market. The artefact is in fine condition (chip to the inside of the bowl and some chips to the glaze) and measures 72mm tall x 152mm long x 100mm wide.

The Seljuks were a Turkic dynasty who swept out of Central Asia in the early 10th century and conquered an enormous expanse, covering most or all of present-day Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and beyond. After inflicting crushing military defeats on a host of rivals, the most famous of which was perhaps that against the Byzantines at the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, the Seljuk sultans became major patrons of art and architecture.

Price: 95.00

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Seljuk Pottery Oil Lamp.  NP Collectables
A2386 Seljuk Pottery Oil Lamp
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