This is a finely made African Zande steel dagger/knife from the Democratic Republic of the Congo belonging to the Zande, 19th century. The steel is forged, thin and light but very strong, the blade is double edged and has a ridge along the centre to give great rigidity. There is fine geometric chiselling decoration on the blade, the forte has a pierced and chiselled steel open-section, very sculptural. The wooden hilt is bound with thin steel strip. Provenance: from an old Oxfordshire collection. The artefact is in very fine condition, some wear due to usage and the overall length is 338mm.

The Zande migrated during the 18th century from Sudan to the northern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, settling on the banks of the Uele River.

Price: 80.00

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African Zande Knife. NP Collectables
TA148 African Zande Knife
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