This is an African ceremonial/ritual knife belonging to the Luba, Democratic Republic of the Congo. A chieftain’s knife, with a copper decorated hilt and leaf shapped steel blade and has a deep facetted ridge along the centre to give great rigidity. 19th century to around 1900. Provenance: from an old Oxfordshire collection. The artefact is in very fine condition, some wear due to usage and the overall length is 375mm.

The vast Luba territory, comprising the entire southeastern part of the DRC, as far as Tanganyika and Lake Mweru, is uniform as regards language and culture, but racially mixed. Although the history of the Luba people is one of violence and warfare, their artistic style is characterized by harmonious integration of organically related forms.

Price: 85.00

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African Luba Ceremonial Knife. NP Collectables
TA147 African Luba Ceremonial Knife
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