This is a Safavid Dynasty Persian Decorated Spontoon, c. 1650. A tapering lozenge-section iron blade with lateral spurs at the base, narrow neck and tubular socket; punched arabesque designs to both faces of the blade, band of hatching to the socket. Provenance: Property of an Essex gentleman; acquired 1960s. The artefact is in fine condition and measures 430mm (17") long.

A spontoon, sometimes known by the variant spelling espontoon or as a half-pike, is a type of pole-arm that came into being alongside the pike. The spontoon was in wide use by the mid 17th century. Unlike the pike, which was an extremely long weapon (typically 14 or 15 feet), the spontoon measured only 6 or 7 feet in overall length. Generally, this weapon featured a more elaborate head than the typical pike.

Price: 125.00

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Persian Decorated Spontoon. NP Collectables
A2266 Persian Decorated Spontoon 17th century A.D.
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