This is a Bronze Age Socketed Axehead, 2nd millennium B.C. A bronze axehead with lentoid-section blade, a biconvex socket mouth with raised lateral flanges, a flat D-shaped panel to each broad face with raised rims, a slightly curved cutting edge; tear-shaped void to one broad face with raised rim, lateral casting seams with some flashing. Literature: Cf. Novotná, M. Die Äxte und Beile der Slowakei, Abteilung IX, Band 3, Munich, 1970, item 705 for type. Provenance: Property of a south London collector; acquired before 1980. The artefact is in fine condition, weighs 212gms and measures 100mm.

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Bronze Age Socketed Axehead. NP Collectables
BA215 Bronze Age Socketed Axehead
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