This is an Ancient Greek terracotta Aryballos from Corinth, Greece, c. 625 B.C. A pottery aryballos vessel with disc rim, strap handle, shoulder decorated with painted rays and traces of concentric circles around the body. Ex. Private Collection, USA. Ex. Helios Gallery Antiquities. The artefact is in fine condition (three chips to the body and some paint loss) and measures 75mm tall x 66mm diameter.

Aryballoi were used by athletes to hold oil that was rubbed onto the body before exercise or competition (Miller 2004, 14-15). They often appear hanging by a small strap from athlete's wrist in gymnasium scenes. In addition to this practical function, they were also a popular grave good and would have been a suitable votive offering in a hero sanctuary (Payne 1931, 290E).


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Ancient Greek Aryballos. NP Collectables
GA277 Ancient Greek Aryballos
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