This is a Neo-Hittite Clay Model Votive Figure, c. 1180-800 B.C. A baked clay votive figurine sitting with one leg bent forward, pellet eyes with the hands resting on the breasts, indicating an association with fertility. Provenance: From an old Surrey private collection. The artefact is in fine condition (repaired) and measures 78mm tall.

The Neo-Hittite civilisation, also known as Syro-Hittite, existed during the Iron Age in northern Syria and Southern Anatolia. The Hittite empire collapsed around 1180 BC: it was followed by the decline of the Eastern Mediterranean trade networks, and the fall of the major late Bronze Age cities in the Levant, Anatolia, and the Aegean.

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Neo-Hittite Clay Model Votive Figure. NP Collectables
A382 Neo-Hittite Clay Model Votive Figure
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