This is a very attractive Zapotec terracotta head from Oaxaca, Mexico. This atrefact was once part of a larger sculpture and dates from the 6th to the 8th Century AD. It measures 40mm x 29mm x 24mm.

The Zapotec civilisation was an indigenous pre-Columbian civilisation that flourished in the Valley of Oaxaca of southern Mesoamerica. Archaeological evidence shows their culture goes back at least 2500 years. They left archaeological evidence at the ancient city of Monte Albn in the form of buildings, ball courts, magnificent tombs and grave goods including finely worked gold jewellery. Monte Albn was the first major city in the western hemisphere and the centre of a Zapotec state that dominated much of what we know of as the current state of Oaxaca.

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Zapotec terracotta head from Oaxaca, Mexico.  NP Collectables
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