This is a Pre-Columbian terracotta figure from the Chancay Culture c.900 - 1,400 A.D. An anthropomorphic figurine of a standing naked female character with both facial and body decoration together with a woven cord around the neck. The Cuchimilco figure is unglazed and was used in funeral rituals. Provenance: ex Spanish Collection amassed during the 1950s. The artefact is in very fine condition and measures 167mm tall.

On the central coast, north of Lima, the valleys of Huaral and Huaura were the scene of the emergence of one of the most representative and, at the same time, least studied civilizations of Andean history. The Señorío Chancay was developed between the years 900 to 1500 AD and constitutes a splendid cultural manifestation of the coastal societies of that time.

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Pre Columbian Standing Female Figure. NP Collectables
PC217 Pre Columbian Standing Female Figure
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