This is an attractive chert thumbnail hide scraper from the late Archaic Period (2000 to 1000 BC). The artefact was recovered along the Toutle River, Columbia River basin (tributary to the lower Columbia River) in Cowlitz County, Washington, USA. The scrapers are still very sharp. As well as hide, the scraper could also have been used to process salmon.

This artefact measures 26mm x 27mm and is from the Vance Van Den Driessche of Longview, Washington collection. It was found during the early 1960s and was collected prior to federal and state laws being enacted that now prohibit such activities in most cases.

Price: 9.00

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Late Archaic Hide Scraper (2000 to 1000 BC).  NP Collectables
NA124 Late Archaic Hide Scraper
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