This is a carefully worked Neolithic Spoke shave/Borer and Chisel, from the Tenerean culture, c. 4000/2500 B.C. Made from flint with a distinctive reddish brown colouring, collected in the Tenere area of the Sahara, a vast tract of land between Niger, Mali and Algeria. Found in open sites where the weathering has made the habitations rise to the surface of the desert. Provenance: From an old German collection. The artefact has no modern or old damage. The artefacts are in very fine condition (still sharp) and measures 69mm and 48mm long.
Price: 29.00

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Neolithic Spokeshave/Borer and Chisel c.6000-4000 B.C. NP Collectables
NAN193 Neolithic Spokeshave/Borer and Chisel c.6000-4000 B.C
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