This is a Thai terracotta Buddha plaque, 17th – 18th century. A Thai terracotta votive tablet depicting the seated Buddha in vajraparyankasana on a lotus base, his hands in bhumisparsamudra wearing a crown and mounted on a hardwood stand. Provenance: From an old Surrey Oriental Collection formed in the late 1950s – 1960s. The artefact is in fine condition and measures 125mm tall (153mm tall including the base).

A sizable number of plaques, rich in iconographic variation, have survived from Thailand. These portable, mold-made, terracotta votive plaques must have been commonly available at major Buddhist pilgrimage sites and important religious centers. Their widespread availability and easy portability helped to disseminate Buddhist doctrine, styles, and iconography throughout South and Southeast Asia, as well as the Far East.

Price: 170.00

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Thai Terracotta Buddha Plaque. NP Collectables
AA157 Thai Terracotta Buddha Plaque
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