This is a South East Asian Large Funerary Mask, 4th-3rd century B.C. A large trapezoid-shaped slightly curved ceramic mask with two eye-holes and incised stylised facial details; pierced at the outer edges for attachment. Provenance: Property of a gentleman; acquired on the Asian art market. The artefact is in very fine condition, weighs 315 grams and measures 184mm long.

Literature: See discussion of ceramics in Mijares, A.S.B. The Archaeology of Peñablanca Cave Sites, Northern Luzon, Philippines in Journal of Austronesian Studies 1(2), December 2005; and Thiel, B. Excavations at Musang Cave, Northeast Luzon, Philippines, in Asian Perspectives Vol. 28, no. 1.

Price: 98.00

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South East Asian Large Funerary Mask. NP Collectables
AA88 South East Asian Large Funerary Mask
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