This is a British Lithium Biotite mineral specimen displaying reddish brown foliated mass of mica sheets, with inked label reading: 'Li 33'. Provenance: Ex Dr M. G. 'Sam' Weller, MBE, collection, Cornwall, UK; from St Dennis, Cornwall, UK, supplied with Dr Weller's personal collection label. The specimen is in fine condition, weighs 550 gms and measures 91mm (3 1/2").

Footnotes: Dr Maurice G. Weller, MBE, Ph.D., FISC, traded for many years as 'Sam Weller Minerals' following an interest held from the age of 12 years when he inherited a 19th century family collection; he was a member and sometime President of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall and a member of Cornwall Archaeological Society (born Cornwall, 31 March 1931).

Price: 25.00

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British Lithium Biotite Mineral Specimen. NP Collectables
MS119 British Lithium Biotite Mineral Specimen
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