Heraclius, Double Portrait Half Follis
615-616 A.D.
Seleucia Isauriae mint.
Obv: illegible legend with facing busts of Heraclius left and Heraclius Constantine, smaller, right, each wearing crown with cross and chamlys, between their heads a cross
Rev: large K between A / N / N / O and numerals for regnal year 6 with officina letter A below; mintmark SEL in exergue
Fine. Very rare.
Provenance: With collector tickets.
Literature: BMC -; T. -; R. -; D.O. 182b; B.N. p.290; M.I.B. 194; Sear 846.

Price: 50.00

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Heraclius, Double Portrait Half Follis. NP Collectables
BC62 Heraclius, Double Portrait Half Follis
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