This is a museum quality reproduction of a Paleotherium, (Early Horse) from the Eocene Age (50 million years) and found in Messel, Germany. This fossil is the ancestor of all Horses. Certain fossils are just too costly and some are one-of-a-kind specimens that can only be viewed at museums. This fossil reproduction is an exact copy, cast directly from the actual fossil itself. The replica Paleotherium (including Matrix) measures 505mm x 372mm.

Paleotherium possibly had a prehensile trunk. Not all the ungulates of the Eocene and Oligocene epochs were directly ancestral to modern horses. A good example is Paleotherium, which, even though it was related to genuine prehistoric horses like Hyracotherium (once known as Eohippus), had some distinctly tapir-like characteristics, possibly including a short, prehensile trunk on the end of its snout. Most species of Paleotherium seem to have been fairly small, but at least one (bearing the appropriate species name “magnum”) attained horse-like proportions

Price: 195.00

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Paleotherium, (Early Horse). NP Collectables
RF354 Paleotherium, (Early Horse)
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