This is a well detailed museum quality reproduction of the mammal-like reptile Thrinaxodon, cynodont from the Late Triassic (240 million years) of South Africa. The reproduction Skeleton measures 250mm x 160mm.

Note: Thrinaxodon (pronounced thrin-AX-ah-DON) was a cat-sized cynodont, an ancestor of the mammals, but not a mammal itself. Thrinaxodon was not a dinosaur. This therapsid lived during the late Triassic period, roughly 240 million years ago. Small holes in the snout bones suggest that it may have had whiskers, a mammalian characteristic. Its teeth were also similar to those of mammals. The skull was about 40mm (1.5 inches) long. Fossils have been found in South Africa and Antartica.

Due to the weight of this specimen, overseas customers please contact us regarding the shipping cost.

UK customers can collect in person by appointment.

Price: 85.00

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Thrinaxodon Skeleton. NP Collectables
RF343 Thrinaxodon Skeleton
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