This is an Egyptian Coptic Tunic Decoration, c. 5th to 7th century A.D. A double-weave fabric in red, black and yellow colours, with an animal in an ovoid centre, pattern design in the field within a pattered border. Provenance: from the collection of the Late Robert Henry Hering. The artefact is in fine condition and measures 144mm x 150mm.

For centuries, the native weavers of Egypt were famous for the richness of their work. Using intricate patterns and vivid colours, Coptic weavers created masterpieces of textile art. Coptic textiles, used for rugs, wall hangings and clothing appliques, were exported throughout the Roman and Byzantine empires. However, the finest surviving examples come from Egypt itself, where a dry climate has preserved the delicate fabric.

Price: 80.00

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Egyptian Coptic Tunic Decoration. NP Collectables
E198 Egyptian Coptic Tunic Decoration
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