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TA176 West African Slave Manilla Okpoho Money

TA175 Mali Spindle Whorls

BY302 Byzantine Decorated Cross

A1246 Hindu Stone Temple Sculpture

AA215 Chinese Bronze Zhou Dynasty Tripod Vessel

TA174 Zulu Ceremonial Knobkerrie

RM374 Roman Grey Ware Vessel

TA173 Benin Ceremonial Dagger

TA172 Asante Bronze Kuduo Vessel Lid

A2341 Islamic Tuareg Takoba Broadsword

TA171 Senufo Female Ancestor/Spirit Figure

GA304 Ancient Greek Apulian Blackware Bowl

GA303 Ancient Greek Aryballos

RM373 Roman Amber Glass Beaker

HA174 Edward III Long Cross Penny

IF63 Insect in Amber: Fungus Gnat

A1245 Indian Bronze Figure of Lakshmi

TA170 Wooden Ceremonial Jar/Pourer

A1244 Indian Erotic Miniature

A1243 Indian Erotic Miniature

NE497 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

NE496 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

RF377 Pantylus cordatus Skull

FMB62 Haringtonhippus francisci Leg Bone

MF59 Megalodon Shark Vertebra

BC81 Latin Rulers of Constantinople

BC80 Latin Rulers of Constantinople

BC79 Latin Rulers of Constantinople

BC78 Latin Rulers of Constantinople

E341 Egyptian Glass Bead

E339 Egyptian Glass Ushabti

E338 Ancient Egyptian Eagle Pin

E337 Ancient Egyptian Amulet Group

E336 Ancient Egyptian Bes Amulet

E335 Egyptian Faience Ushabti

TR51 Metcanthina Trilobite

E334 Egyptian Ceramic Perfume Flask

GA302 Ancient Greek Blackware Jug

HA173 Henry VIII, Halfpenny

WC65 Spain, Henry III

BC77 Latin Rulers of Constantinople

BC76 Latin Rulers of Constantinople

A2340 Islamic Glazed Bowl

ME260 Medieval Lead Vessel

ME259 Medieval Lead Vessel

E333 Egyptian Faience Ushabti

E332 Egyptian Faience Ushabti

A300 Holy Land Oil Lamp

GA301 Ancient Greek Juglet

A299 Holy Land Oil Lamp

A298 Holy Land Oil Lamp

E331 Ancient Egyptian Oil Lamp

A297 Holy Land Oil Lamp

ST514 Neolithic Bone Tool

ME258 Medieval Eleven-Pointed Rowel

RM370 Roman Surgical Knife

NA152 Paleo Unifacial Knife Blade

NAI51 Paleo Unifacial Knife Blade

E329 Ancient Egyptian Oil Lamp

E328 Ancient Egyptian Oil Lamp

A2339 Islamic Glazed Bowl

GA300 Ancient Greek Blackware Guttos

E327 Ancient Egyptian Oil Lamp

E325 Ancient Egyptian Faience Beads

E324 Ancient Egyptian Faience Disc Amulet

E323 Ancient Egyptian Glass Beads

E320 Egyptian Glass Head Amulets

ME257 Medieval Scythe

ME256 Medieval Scythe

ME255 Medieval Scythe

ME254 Medieval Scythe

E322 Ancient Egyptian Cow Amulet Group

E321 Ancient Egyptian Bes Amulet

E319 Egyptian Bone Fish Amulet

E318 Egyptian Bone Arm Amulet

E317 Egyptian Glazed Disc Amulet

GA238 Thrace, Mesembria, Athena Alkidemos

WC64 Arabia, Himyarite, Scyphate Unit

BC75 Justin II, M Follis

SA288 Viking Knife and Comb Group

A2338 Islamic Safavid Decorated Axe

SA287 Frankish Socketted Long Spearhead

TA169 Ceramic Figurative Vessel

TA168 Yombe Maternity Figure