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NE530 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

NE529 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

TA201 Yohure Ceremonial Mask

TA200 Yohure Ceremonial Mask

GA248 Phrygia Apameia Bronze

BC90 Maurice Tiberius Large M Folles

BC89 Maurice Tiberius Large M Folles

NE528 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3000 B.C.

NE527 Neolithic/Early Bronze Age Flint Arrowhead

PF36 Fossilised Wood Section

BY314 Byzantine 'Greek Fire' Hand Grenade

BY313 Byzantine 'Greek Fire' Hand Grenade

RF382 Phacops Mortality Plate

RF381 Ammonite Mortality Plate

GA247 Phrygia Apameia Bronze

BY312 Byzantine 'Greek Fire' Hand Grenade

NE525 Neolithic Flint Multi-Tool

RM431 Roman Republic Ceramic Bowl

RM430 Roman Republic Ceramic Bowl

RM429 Roman Bronze Bracelet

RM428 Roman Bronze Bracelet

NE524 Neolithic Flint Punch

BC88 Basil II and Constantine VIII

AA286 Chinese Swatow Ware Bowl

PC254 Pre-Columbian Jaguar Warrior Statuette

BY311 Byzantine 'Greek Fire' Hand Grenade

BC87 Justin II Large M Follis

RM426 Roman Bronze Bracelet

RM427 Roman Bronze Bracelet

HA192 Henry VI Annulet Halfpenny

RM425 Roman Bronze Bracelet

RM424 Roman Bronze Bracelet

RC201 Cn Cornelius Lentulus

GA246 Phrygia Apameia Bronze

GA245 Ancient Greece, Thrace

GA244 Parthia, Sinatruces

GA243 Parthia, Orodes II

BA251 Bronze Age Socketted Axe

A2364 Islamic Glazed Calligraphic Triple Vessel

A2363 Islamic Carved Bone Kohl Pot

A329 Babylonian Terracotta Wine Vessel

A328 Sassanian Temple Ring

RM421 Roman Redware Bottle

RM419 Late Roman Bronze Bracelet

RM417 Late Roman Earring Pair

RM416 Roman Marbled Blue Glass Bottle

E363 Egyptian Offering Cup