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NE567 Neolithic Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

E383 Early Dynastic Flint Arrowhead

NE566 Neolithic Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

RM470 Roman Glass Bead Necklace

NAN180 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c. 4000-2500 B.C.

E382 Early Dynastic Flint Arrowhead

RM469 Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

RM468 Roman Artefact Group

E381 Egyptian Wooden Pyxis and Lid

RM467 Roman Ribbed Vessel

NE565 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

RM466 Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

RM465 Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

RM464 Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

NE564 Neolithic Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

NE563 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

ST514 French Neolithic Polished Axe-head

A1264 Late Medieval Bronze Deity

A2374 Islamic Bronze Short Sword

BA256 Flint Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

BA255 Flint Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

DSA39 Neolithic Polished Axe-head

RC205 Julia Domna Denarius

RC204 Julia Domna Denarius

RM462 Roman Pottery Cup

AA293 Chinese Ming Green Glazed Funerary Chest

RM461 Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

RM460 Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

RM459 Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

RM458 Ancient Roman Glass Bracelet

PC260 Colima Terracotta Votive Figurine

GA334 Hellenistic Pottery Figure

TR57 Peronopsis (Blind) Trilobite

TR56 Peronopsis (Blind) Trilobite

TR55 Peronopsis (Blind) Trilobite

ME276 Medieval Knife

BY324 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

BY323 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

RM457 Roman Ceramic Perfume Flask

FMB69 Mammoth Tusk Partial

MO198 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Spear Point

RM456 Roman Terracotta Oil lamp

E380 Ancient Egypt Ceramic Vase

AA292 Ming Dynasty Blue Glazed Bowl

AA291 Oil Burner Vung Tau Cargo

A335 Bronze Age Holy Land Jug

RM455 Roman Terracotta Jug

MO197 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Scraper Group