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E291 Predynastic Egyptian Acheulean Hand Axe

PC238 Pre-Columbian Teotihuacan Earthenware Vessel

PC237 Pre-Columbian Costa Rica Pottery Vessel

NE481 Neolithic Flint Hammer Stones

A2327 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessels

E290 Egyptian Amulet Group

E289 Egyptian Amulet Group

NE480 Neolithic Flint Tool Group

MF128 Megalodon Tooth

NE479 Large Neolithic Arrowhead

MO176 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Tool Group

NE478 Neolithic Flint Burin Group

NE477 Neolithic Flint Tool Group

GA294 Greco-Scythian Bronze Arrowhead

A2326 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessels

E289 Ancient Egyptian Amulet Group

E288 Ancient Egyptian Nephthys Amulet

E287 Ancient Egyptian Amulet Group

RM366 Roman Bronze Group

A2325 Sassanian Miniature Glass Vessels

NE476 Neolithic Flint Blade Group

CL22 Clactonian Flint Tools

CL21 Clactonian Flint Tools

CL20 Clactonian Stone Blade & Scraper

AA201 Chinese Neolithic Jar

RM365 Roman Bronze Lion’s Paw

PC236 Pre-Columbian Grooved Axe Head

RM364 Roman Terracotta Oil Lamp

PC236 Pre-Columbian Chancay Grave Finds

E285 Predynastic Egyptian Stone Spearhead

PC233 Pre-Columbian Mayan Stone Celt

GA293 Greco-Scythian Bronze Arrowhead

E284 Ancient Egyptian Rosette Amulet

ST512 Polished Neolithic Stone Celt

PC232 Pre-Columbian Mayan Stone Celt

TA163 Bambara Korè Hyena Mask

TA162 We Mask

TA161 Salampasu Mask

TA160 Baule Mblo Mask

RC189 L. Marcius Philippus, Silver Denarius

GA292 Greco-Scythian Iron Axe-head

GA291 Greco-Scythian Bronze Wheel Amulet

E283 Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

SA290 Viking Kievan Rus Pendant

RM363 Roman Bronze Key Door-Lock Bolt

RM362 Roman Bronze Key Door-Lock Bolt

RM361 Roman Belt Fitting

RM360 Roman Belt Buckle

RM359 Roman Belt Buckle

RM358 Roman Belt Buckle

E282 Ancient Egyptian Child’s Bangle

A293 Babylonian Limestone Bowl

RM357 Roman Oil Lamp

RM356 Roman Discus Oil Lamp

NE471a Neolithic Flint Scrapers

NE470 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

E281 Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

NE469 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

BA227 Bronze Age Arrowhead

NE468 Neolithic Flint Burin