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E481 Ancient Egyptian Terracotta Statuette of Bes

TA260 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA259 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

RC249 C. Malleolus, A. Albinus Sp.f. and L. Caecilius Metellus

RC248 MN Cordius Rufus AR Denarius

RC247 P L Rutilius Flaccus AR Denarius

RM590 Ancient Roman Pottery Jug

HA242 Charles I Silver Penny

HA241 Charles I Silver Half Groat

RM589 Ancient Roman Pottery Jug

RM588 Punic Pottery Jug

RM587 Ancient Roman Pottery Jug

TA258 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA257 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA256 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

WC66 France Metz Demi-Gros

HA240 Elizabeth I Sixpence

HA239 Henry VI Leaf Trefoil Halfpenny

HA238 Henry VI Rosette Mascle Halfgroat

HA237 Henry VI Calais Annulets Penny

HA236 Henry VI Leaf Pellet Halfpenny

RC246 Severus Alexander Jupiter AR Denarius

RC245 P Clodius M f - Apollo AR Denarius

RC244 L Marcius Philippus Ancus Marcius AR Denarius

RC243 Anonymous Issue Victory AR Denarius

GA268 Thrace Byzantion Trident AR Hemidrachm

TA255 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

TA254 Akan (Ashanti) Gold Weight

RM586 Punic Pottery Jug

NE690 Neolithic Broken Axe and Flakes

TA253 African Ashanti Fertility Doll

TA252 Kamba Tribal Mask

TA251 Kamba Tribal Mask

PC294 Pre-Columbian Jalisco Earthenware Vessel

PC292 Pre-Columbian Blade Handle Vessel

PC291 Aztec Carved Stone Figures

A407 Syro-Hittie Terracotta Fertility Figure

A406 Syro-Hittie Terracotta Fertility Figure

BA304 Bronze Age British Arrowhead

SA369 Silver Viking Axe Pendant

RM585 Etruscan Bronze Mirror

NE689 Neolithic Flint Knife

NE687 Neolithic Tanged Arrowhead