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Our lastest acquisitions of Antiquities and Ancient Coins from around the world.

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ME283 English Civil War Musket and Pistol Balls

RM516 Roman Aucissa Type Brooch

E422 Ptolemaic-Egyptian Arrowhead

GA353 Mycenaean Greek Bronze Arrowhead

ME282 Medieval Belt Buckles

A348 Luristan Bronze Tanged Arrowhead

SA336 Anglo Saxon Silver Earring

RM514 Roman Bronze Brooch

RM513 Roman Bronze Brooch

GA352 Bronze Cypriot Arrowhead

E421 Achaemenid-Egyptian Arrowhead

A347 Luristan Bronze Tanged Arrowhead

SA334 Anglo Saxon Sword Chape

GA259 Demetrios II Nikator

CC46 Belgium Leuci AE Potin

RC216 Bosporus Ininthimeus

GA257 Ptolemaic Kingdom, Ptolemy III

NE623 Neolithic Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead

NE622 Neolithic Flint Knife

NE621 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead

CC45 British Silver Quarter Unit

GA255 Kingdom of Paeonia Silver Tetradrachm

AA305 Chinese Bronze Figure of Quan Yin

AA304 Chinese Bronze Figure of Buddha

E420 Ancient Egyptian Shabti

AA303 Chinese Red Agate Figurine

E419 Ancient Egyptian Cobra Ring

PF46 Fossil Fruit Seed

NAN196 Aterian Tanged Point 85,000 to 40,000 B.C.

TR66 Diacalymene Trilobite