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A2395 Early Islamic Ceramic Spouted Vessel

A2394 Medieval Persia Pottery Jar

A396 Indus Valley Mehrgarh Pottery Fertility Figure

NE670 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead

E477 Egyptian Terracotta Shabti

DSA47 Bifacial Flint Knife

E479 Egyptian Glazed Shabti

E478 Egyptian Glazed Shabti

DSA46 Bifacial Flint Knife

A1276 Indian Brass Figure of Lakshmi

A395 Luristan Kohl Pot

AA338 Majapahit Terracotta Bust

RM562 Roman Decorated Silver Ring

RC236 Egypt Alexandria Carinus

HA232 Edward III Groat

HA231 Edward I Farthing

HA230 Edward I Farthing

E476 Egyptian Glazed Shabti

E475 Egyptian Glazed Shabti

A392 Mesopotamian Socketted Axehead

E474 Egyptian Glazed Ushabti

NE665 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead

E473 Egyptian Glazed Ushabti

E472 Egyptian Glazed Ushabti

E471 Egyptian Glazed Ushabti

E469 Ancient Egypt Faience Amulet

E467 Egyptian Glazed Ushabti