Authentic Antiquities from India.

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A1222 Burmese Wooden Mask

A1220 Indian Cast Bronze Figure of Ganesh

A1219 Carved Gandhara Sandstone Plinth

A1218 Votive Lamps from Southern India

A1217 Shiva as Lord of Dance

A1216 Bronze Figure of Vishnu

A1215 Indo/Persian Tulwar Sword

AA99 Albaster Reclining Buddha Parnirvana

A251 Large Mughal Spearhead

A1211 Indian Bronze Bowl and Vases

A1210 Indian Buddha Plaque

AA59 Terracotta Heads from Java

AA51 Terracotta Head of a Deity

AA49 Terracotta Head of a Deity

AA47 Terracotta Model Temple

TA107 Indian Bronze Ganesh-Head Applique

TA104 Indian Bronze Multi-Compartment Spice Container

TA102 Indian Bronze Pheasant Flask

TA92 Indian Bronze Standing Tribal Vishnu Figurine

TA90 Indian Bronze Goddess Applique

TA89 Indian Bronze Goddess Head Applique

A193 Indus Valley Large Ceramic Storage Jar

AT37 Tibetan Bronze Staff Top