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NE460 Neolithic Polished Stone Axe Head

RM335 Roman Bronze Group

AC133 Acheulian Flint Scrapper

AC132 Acheulian Side Scrapper

AC131 Acheulian Stone Blade

NE459 Avebury Neolithic Flint Group

NE458 Avebury Neolithic Flint Group

AC130 Acheulian Stone Tool, British

AC129 Acheulian Stone Tool, British

E238 Predynastic Stone Knife Blade

E237 Predynastic Stone Spearhead

AC128 Acheulian Stone Tool, British

ST504 Neolithic Polished Flint Axehead

MO155 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Handaxe

ICON109 Winged Christ

ICON108 Patriarch/King

A2303a Iznik Pottery Vase

A1232 Indian Carved Hardwood Figure Group

IF60 Fossil Grasshopper

IF59 Fossil Wasp

IF58 Fossil Cricket

D288 Triceratops Tooth

D287 Batrachichnus Amphibian Footprints

A2302 Persian Miniature Painting

AA185 Japanese Carved Ivory Okimono

AA184 Tibetan Bronze Hand Bell

AA183 Ming Dynasty Attendant Deity

AA182 Chinese Zodiac Sheep

AA181 Chinese Zodiac Tiger

IF57 Fossil Cicada

IF56 Fossil Grasshopper

IF56 Fossil Lacewing

IF55 Fossil Aquatic Beetle

IF54 Fossil Cricket

E236 Son of Horus Amulet

E235 Son of Horus Amulet

E234 Son of Horus Amulet

PF32 Green River Formation Leaves

PF31 Fossil Sycamore Leaf

PF30 Populus wilmattae Leaf