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Our lastest acquisitions of Antiquities and Ancient Coins from around the world.

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DSA31 Thick-Butted Polished Axehead

WC55 Arab Pseudo-Byzantine Follis

WC54 Nicephorus III Anonymous Follis

WC53 Nicephorus III Anonymous Follis

D280 Deltadromeus agilis Raptor Tooth

D278 Hadrodaur Bone Sections

A2292 Islamic Glass Vessels

A2291 Islamic Glass Vessel

A2290 Sassanian Glass Vessel

A2289 Sassanian Glass Vessel

A2288 Sassanian Glass Vessel

A1229 Gandharan Scenic Column Fragment

RF368 Tyrannosaurus Rex Lower Jaw

DSA30 Thick-Butted Polished Axehead

FMB58 Cave Bear Claw

HA157 Edward III Halfpenny

HA156 Edward I Halfpenny

HA155 Charles I Halfgroat

WC52 Italy, Perugia, Sestino

CC30 Bronze Bull Unit

BY271 Byzantine Ring

BY270 Byzantine Ring

BY269 Byzantine Ring

AA177 Vietnamese Mother and Child Tukatha Figurine

BA216 Bronze Age Socketed Axehead

BA215 Bronze Age Socketed Axehead

A2287 Islamic Glass Bottle With Trail

E231 Egyptian Hatmehit Fish Amulet

E230 Egyptian Sma Amulet

E229 Seated Isis with Infant Horus Amulet

E228 Egyptian Menat Amulet

E227 Egyptian Poppy Head Amulet

E226 Egyptian Menat Counterpoise Amulet

MF126 Fossil Diplomystus Fish

NAN162 Neolithic Barbed Arrowheads

NAN161 Neolithic Barbed Arrowheads

D276 Pterosaur Wing Claw

D275 Pterosaur Wing Claw

AM132 Natural Orthoceras regulare

MF125 Predatory Fish Teeth

MF124 Fossil Priscacara liops Fish

GA263 Cypriot Pottery Bowl

GA262 Greek South Italian Vessel

PC214 Pre-Columbian Footed Bowl

A256 Sumerian Pottery Vessel

MF123 Knightia alta Fish

MF122 Fossil Diplomystus Fish

AM131 Polished Cleoniceras Ammonite

PF27 Fossil Pine Cone

AA176 Chinese Jade Pendant

IF53 Insects with a Leaf

ICON104 Archangel Michael

ICON103 Christ Pantocrator

ICON101 The Virgin and Child

IF52 Cretaceous Fossil Cockroaches

IF51 Crane Fly Insect Fossil

PF26 Macroneuropteris Seed Fern Leaf

PF25 Neuropteris Seed Fern Leaf

AA175 Chinese Jade Dragon Pendant

D274 Sinohydrosaurus lingyuanensis

RM261 Roman Bronze Brooch

NE454 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead

NE453 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead

GA261 Greek Bronze Arrowhead

A255 Ancient Bronze Crescent-Hilt Dagger

NAN160 Neolithic Stone Axe Head

ME233 English Medieval Brooches

E225 Pre Dynastic Naqada Egyptian Stone Arrowheads

MF120 Megalodon Tooth