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Our lastest acquisitions of Antiquities and Ancient Coins from around the world.

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RF370 Utahraptor Articulated Finger & Claw

RF369 Hadrosaur Egg

RM333 Roman Terracotta Strainer

A260 Bronze Age Holy Land Pot

A259 Bronze Age Holy Land Jar

D286 Loch Ness Dinosaur Footprints

GA273 Greek Head of a Goddess

GA272 Greek Head of a Goddess

RF371 Pennsylvanian Jelly Fish

D285 Notaalacerta Reptile Footprints

D284 Notaalacerta Reptile Footprints

D283 Stylemus Turtle Egg

RM264 Roman Terracotta Jar

PC215 Pre-Columbian Nicoya Jug

A2295 Kutahya Decorated Ink Pot Stand

GA270 Greek Daunian Ceramic Painted Two-Handled Dish

A258 Bronze Age Holy Land Dipper Cup

A257 Indus Valley Harappan Ceramic Jar

GA269 Hellenistic Statuette of a Draped Woman

GA268 Hellenistic Statue of Hebe

A2294 Kutahya Decorated Octagonal Stand

A2293 Kutahya Decorated Stem Bowl

FMB59 Fossil Mastodon Tusk Carving

NE457 Neolithic/Early Bronze Age Flint Arrowhead

NE455 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead

GA267 Hellenistic Pottery Jug

GA266 Hellenistic Pottery Spindle Flask

GA265 Hellenistic Pottery Spindle Flask

ME237 Medieval Stone Corbel

E233 Egyptian Faience Ushabti

GA264 Hellenistic Pottery Spindle Flask