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NE477 Falkners Circle, Avebury Flint Group

A2313 Persian Ceramic Charger

20FA44 Alberto Rossi

A2312 Persian Qajar Pottery Jar

20FA43 Life Drawing

21FA33 Owen Claxton, Life Drawing

19FA02 William Pyne "Three Girls"

RF374 Keichousaurus Mortality Plate

MO168 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Burin/Blade

NE476 Neolithic Flint Hammer Stones

A280 Syro-Hittite Dog Head

RM344 Roman Glazed Ware Shards

ST511 Early Neolithic Linear Pottery Shards

ST510 Early Neolithic Linear Pottery Shards

SI205 Solutrean Industry Arrowhead

E259 Ancient Egyptian Alabaster Kohl Pot

CL17 Clactonian Stone Tools

SI204 Solutrean Industry Knife Blade

WC57 Early Ottoman Empire

GA282 Greek Bronze Arrowhead

BA218 Bronze Age Arrowhead

RM343 Roman Bronze Knee Brooch

BY282 Byzantine Oil Lamp

A272 Syro-Hittite Heads

CL16 Clactonian Stone Tools

SI203 Solutrean Industry Arrowhead

SI202 Solutrean Industry Knife Blade

SI201 Solutrean Industry Arrowhead

MO166 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Jasper Scraper

ME245 Medieval Barber’s Medical Implement

MO165 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Jasper Flake Burin

MO164 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Jasper Flake Tool

ML107 Mesolithic Stone Tools

NE475 Neolithic Flint Scrapers

CL15 Clactonian Stone Tools

CL14 Clactonian Stone Blade

A271 Syro-Hittite Torso Fragment

MO163 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Scraper

MO162 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Scraper

ICON110 The Virgin and Child

NE474 Neolithic Flint Spearhead

MO161 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Scraper

BY281 Byzantine Oil Lamp

GA281 Ancient Greek Pottery Dish

GA280 Ancient Greek Pottery Bowl

A270 Syro-Hittite Eagle Fragment