NE477 Neolithic Lambourn Long Barrow Scraper

MO167 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Flint Tools

IF62 Insect in Amber: Fungus Gnat

NE468 Neolithic Tanged Arrowhead

A2311 Persian Illuminated Manuscript

CL10 Clactonian Scraper

A2307 Persian Illuminated Manuscript

E251 Egyptian Reclining Lion Amulet

A259a Ancient Hittite Beads

A258 Syro-Hittite Astartes Fragment

AA188 19th Century Figure of Guanyin

A2305 Persian Illuminated Manuscript

CL104 Clactonian Burin

MO159 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Hand Axe

ML106 Mesolithic Hand Axe

AC145 Acheulian Scraper

AC144 Acheulian Side Scraper

AC143 Acheulian End Scraper

CL103 Clactonian Scraper

CL102 Clactonian Tools

AC132 Acheulian Side Scrapper

NE459 Avebury Neolithic Flint Group

NE458 Avebury Neolithic Flint Group

AC130 Acheulian Stone Tool, British

SA285 Viking Iron Needle

ICON108 Patriarch/King

A269 Indus Valley Mehrgarh Ceramic Bowl

A261 Syro-Hittite Seated Monkey Amulet

ICON107 Russian Icon Plaque

D282 Sinohydrosaurus lingyuanensis

BY269 Byzantine Ring

PF26 Macroneuropteris Seed Fern Leaf

AA175 Chinese Jade Dragon Pendant

IF46 Insect in Amber: Three Gnats

E224 Romano/Egyptian Terracotta Beads

20AF37 M. Cusworth

D267 Raptor Tail Vertebrae

A1222 Burmese Wooden Mask

BA213 Bronze Age Torc

PC208 Pre-Columbian Mayan Terracotta Head

AA125 Sino-Tibetan Coppered and Gilt Bronze Buddha

WC47 Ancient Byzantine, Justinian I

BY265 Byzantine Bronze Reliquary Crucifix

RC166 Lucius Verus, Fortuna Sestertius

PC202 Nicoya Culture Vase with Mask Spout

D265 Carnivorous Dinosaur Foot Print

RM190 Roman Bronze Knee Brooch

GA244 Greco-Bactrian Spoons

A2275 Turkish Copper Jug

A2274 Islamic Chased Copper Bowl

MO140 Mousterian (Neanderthal) Burin

D260 Raptor Vertebrae

D253 Raptor Leg Bone

A236 Pottery Pilgrim Flask

ME195 Medieval Twin Handle Vase

GA225 Greco-Bactrian Spoon

BY262 Byzantine Cross

HA115 Charles I Shilling

RM277 Roman Bronze Ring

BA150 Bronze Age Pottery Bowl c. 900-500 B.C.

TA104 Indian Bronze Multi-Compartment Spice Container

GA202 Bronze Age Cypriot Ceramic Handled Bowl

RC104 Severus Alexander 222-235 AD

NE201 Neolithic Spoke Shave/Borer c.4000 B.C

BA134 Iron Age Pottery Bowl

HA104 Henry III Penny

HA100 Henry V Halfpenny

HA96 Edward III Halfgroat

PC142 Pre-Columbian Terracotta Head

PC137 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Jaguar Head

BY228 Byzantine Bronze Cross

RM150 Roman Oil Lamp

RM148 Roman Glass Vial

20FA34 Vita Gollancz Female Nude Study

20FA31 William Ernst Burwell

20FA26 David Cumming

20FA25 William Ernst Burwell

20FA24 William Ernst Burwell

20FA22 Jane Ford Watercolour

20FA21 Julie Bleawane, Watercolour

20FA19 Reg Millington

20FA16 L.Brandsttter, Watercolour

20FA11 TOM MALLIN 1927 TO 1977

20FA09 Sheila M. Ellis, Farmstead c.1960

20FA06 Tom Mallin 1927 - 1977

20FA05 Tom Mallin 1927 - 1977

HA65 Elizabeth I Sixpence

HA64 Henry III Quartered Penny

RC77 Septimius Severus AR Denarius

HA53 James I Halfgroat