D279 Allosaur Bone Section

D277 Pterosaur Wing Claw

ICON102 The Virgin and Child

MF121 Fossil Priscacara liops Fish

IF50 Pronophlebia redivivia (Craneflies) Larvae

IF47 Insect in Amber: Gnat

NE446 Neolithic Flint Arrowhead c.3500 B.C.

D264 Siroccopteryx moroccensis Pterosaur Claw

D257 Bahariasaurus Dinosaur Tooth with Root

DSA30 Neolithic Boat-Shaped Axe-Hammer

NE409 Neolithic Flint Axehead c.3000 B.C.

BY267 Byzantine Bronze Mortar

BA205 Iron Age Celtic Socketed Axe-head

ST502 Early Neolithic Linear Pottery Shards

RM308 Roman Unguentarium

E163 Egyptian Painted Funerary Mask

RM276 Roman Bronze Ring

RM267 Roman Glass Cosmetic Perfume Jar

E150 Egyptian First Dynasty Arrowhead

TA90 Indian Bronze Goddess Applique

RM227 Roman Roman Glass Flask

RM138 Roman Vase 4th Century AD

GA177 Ancient Greek Dipping Cup