Byzantine Antiquities 
Authentic Byzantine Antiquities.

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WC47 Ancient Byzantine, Justinian I

BY267 Byzantine Bronze Mortar

BY265 Byzantine Bronze Reliquary Crucifix

BY264 Byzantine 'Greek Fire' Hand Grenade

BY264 Byzantine Bronze Trade Weights

BY263 Byzantine Bronze Finger Ring

BY262 Byzantine Cross

BY259 Byzantine Cross Pendant

BY258 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

BY257 Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp

BY255 Byzantine Bronze Trade Weights

BY254 Byzantine Bronze Ring

BY251 Byzantine Bronze Trade Weights

BY250 Byzantine Hardstone Spindle Whorl

BY246 Byzantine Mixed Bronze Group

BY245 Byzantine Bronze Pendant

BY244 Byzantine Bronze Filigree Earrings

BY244 Byzantine Silver Plaque

BY239 Byzantine Glass Jar

BY236 Byzantine Bronze Reliquary Cross Pendant

BY233 Byzantine Bronze Cross Pendant

BY232 Byzantine Bronze Cross Pendant

BY260 Byzantine Ceramic Oil Lamp

BY259 Byzantine Ceramic Oil Lamp

BY228 Byzantine Bronze Cross

BY226 Bronze Byzantine Earrings

ME103 Byzantine Iron Arrowhead