Pre-Columbian Artefacts 
Authentic Artefacts from Central and South America

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PC208 Pre-Columbian Mayan Terracotta Head

PC207 Pre-Columbian Clay Head Group

PC206 Pre-Columbian Pottery Stirrup Vessel

PC205 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Olla

PC203 Nicoya Culture Polychrome Olla

PC202 Nicoya Culture Vase with Mask Spout

PC200 Decorated Nicoya Culture Pot

PC196 Taraskan Tobacco Pipe

PC169 Pre-Columbian Nicoya Ceramic Polychrome Cup

PC192 Chavin Culture Terracotta Bowl

PC191 Large Chavin Mace Head

PC188 Pottery Libation Cup

PC188 Mayan Ceramic Bowl

PC185 Pre-Columbian Silver Tweezers

PC185 Pre-Columbian Standing Figure

PC182 Two-Handled Tripod Vessel

PC181 Pre-Columbian Clay Vessel

PC176 Chimu Culture Oil Vessel

PC173 Pre-Columbian Chinesco Pottery Jug

PC167 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Three-Chambered Vessel

PC165 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Spindlewhorl Group

PC162 Pre-Columbian Pottery Cup

PC161 Pre-Columbian Pottery Jar

PC160 Pre-Columbian Pottery Jar

PC156 Pre-Columbian Pottery Dish

PC157 Pre-Columbian Pottery Cup

PC155 Pre-Columbian Pottery Jar

PC154 Pre-Columbian Pottery Jar

PC153 Pre-Colombian Terracotta Ceremonial Tripod Cup

PC152 Central and South American Stone Arrowhead and Implement Group

PC150 Pre-Columbian Mayan Ceramic Vessel

PC149 Pre-Columbian Mayan Brownware Dish

PC145 Pre-Columbian Terracotta Deity

PC142 Pre-Columbian Terracotta Head

PC141 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Animal

PC140 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Animal

PC139 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Head

PC137 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Jaguar Head

PC135 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Toy Bird

PC133 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Standing Bear Figurine

PC132 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Head and Upper Body

PC128 Pre-Columbian Ceramic Head

PC127 Decorated Mayan Pot Leg

PC125 Mayan Decorated Pot Leg

PC124 Mayan Decorated Pot Handle

PC122 Mayan Zoomorphic Pot Decoration

PC122 Mayan Pot Handle

PC121 Mayan Decorated Pot Leg

PC120 Mayan Decorated Pot Leg

PC119 Mayan Decorated Pot Leg

PC118 Mayan Decorated Pot Handle

PC117 Mayan Decorated Pot Handle

PC115 Mayan Zoomorphic Pot Decoration

PC113 Mayan Decorated Pot Handle