Medieval - Antiquities 
Authentic Antiquities from The Medieval Period.

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ME222 Medieval Flail Head

ME221 English Medieval Brooches

ME220 Medieval Axe-head

ME218 Medieval Billhook

ME214 English Medieval Brooch

ME213 English Medieval Brooches

ME212 English Medieval Brooch

ME211 English Medieval Brooches

ME210 English Medieval Brooch

ME209 English Medieval Brooch

ME207 Medieval Pilgrim's Lead Ampulla

ME206 English Medieval Brooch

ME203 Medieval Knife

ME202 Medieval Arrowhead Group

ME197 Two Medieval Knives

ME195 Medieval Twin Handle Vase

ME195 Belt Fittings

ME191 Tudor Purse Frame

ME190 Medieval Bronze Ring

ME185 Medieval Ring Brooch

ME184 Medieval Ring Brooch

ME183 Pair of Lead-Alloy Female Faces

ME182 Medieval Bronze Ring

ME180 Medieval Ring Brooch

ME179 Medieval Bronze Buckle

ME178 Medieval Bronze Buckle

ME177 Norman Zoomorphic Strap Mount

AT23 Gothic Style Museum Cast

ME172 Medieval Frying Pan

ME171 Five Belt Buckles, 14th to 15th Century

ME170 Strap End & Decoration, c.14th Century


ME140 Medieval Iron Knife Blade

ME131 14th Century Three Belt Fittings

ME130 14th Century Four Strap Ends

ME127 13th Century Belt Buckle

ME126 14th Century Belt Buckle

ME123 14th Century Belt Fitting

ME121 Early 15th Century Strap End

ME120 Medieval Bronze Dress Decoration